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In Google, you can find websites, but also images and videos. Plus, YouTube is the go-to search engine for many people. That’s why optimizing videos is just as important as your other SEO efforts! The Yoast Video SEO plugin helps you optimize your videos to drive search traffic to videos on your website. Read all about video SEO here!

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How does video SEO work? »

Video can help you explain something in a few minutes. But how can you improve the rankings of your videos? How does video SEO work?

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Video SEO: How to rank your videos in Google »

Video SEO is all about ranking your videos in Google or a similar search engine. This post explains what you can do to get your video noticed

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In December 2023, Google rolled out an important update concerning video indexation and rankings. Let's dive into what's new!

Combine the best elements of video and written content for maximum engagement. Find out how to visually engage readers and appeal to viewers.

Maximize your video content's reach with these tips. Figure out how to adapt and optimize videos for distribution across multiple platforms and screens.

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