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Optimizing a single page: One page website SEO

21 March 2018 by Michiel Heijmans - 18 Comments

One page websites have been popular for some time now. Basically, it’s your entire website on your homepage. It’s fancy, it’s streamlined. By dividing your homepage into multiple sections, and adding a menu that allows visitors to jump to the section they want to visit, you create an entire website experience on that one single …

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As Facebook’s algorithm changes SEO becomes crucial

21 March 2018 by Marieke van de Rakt - 19 Comments

If you promote your website on Facebook, perhaps you’ve noticed some changes in the last few weeks. Or maybe you read about it online. Facebook changed its algorithm; messages of businesses and news outlets will become less important. In this post, I want to explain the consequences of the changes in Facebook’s algorithm. On top …

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International sites: the best domain structure for SEO

20 March 2018 by Willemien Hallebeek - 13 Comments

Making your website rank high can be a challenge. Making your international sites rank high can be an even bigger challenge. There are just a lot more things you have to do for multilingual SEO: create content for different markets, set up sites for those markets and implement hreflang, just to name a few. Plus there are …

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Yoast SEO 7.1: A língua Portuguesa

20 March 2018 by Edwin Toonen - 15 Comments

Two weeks ago, we released one of our most significant updates yet: Yoast SEO 7.0. This release featured some much-needed spring-cleaning and a wholly revamped XML sitemap experience. In it, the focus is much less on the sitemap as it is on easily getting indexed what you want to get indexed. Yoast SEO 7.1 — …

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SEO basics: What is anchor text?

19 March 2018 by Edwin Toonen - 21 Comments

Anchor text is the visible and clickable piece of text in a link. The text appears in a different color and is often underlined. If done right, this indicates what’s behind that link. Getting your anchor texts right increases the chance of someone clicking on your link. It also provides context for search engines. What …

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Ask Yoast: Publish date on updated articles

16 March 2018 by Joost de Valk - 33 Comments

Keeping your articles up to date is always a good idea, as it shows to your readers that your site offers current and relevant information. Furthermore, search engines will pick up on changes to your articles, and consider your site alive and up to date. That’s never a bad thing, right? It’s especially important that …

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SEO basics: What is a keyword?

15 March 2018 by Annelieke van den Berg - 18 Comments

When looking for information about keywords in relation to SEO, you get bombarded with information about keyword research. And of course, keyword research is crucial if you’d like your page to rank. But it’s also important to understand what the basic principle of a keyword is. And that’s the thing I’ll explain here. What is …

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Pagination & SEO: best practices

15 March 2018 by Joost de Valk - 40 Comments

Paginated archives have long been a topic of discussion in the SEO community. Over time, best practices for optimization have evolved, and we now have pretty clear definitions. This post explains what these best practices are. It’s good to know that Yoast SEO applies all these rules to every archive with pagination. Indicate that an …

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