The grand opening!

Good to know: we’re not updating this page anymore.

Our Yoast online museum is now open! Grab a drink, something to eat and let’s get started. Take a look around and be amazed by all the awesome goodies we have gathered throughout the years.

Enter our online museum

Hi there, lovely meeting you! I’m Yoasie and I am your tour guide here today.

You might know that during our Yoast existence, we’ve collected lots of different goodies. Many of them were especially made for events, such as WordCamps, to hand out to our fans. Every single one of these goodies has its own story and we want to share these stories with you. Explore a great variety of cool stuff: from bags to bottles and from caps to cookies, enjoy the ride!

Share your Yoast goodie story!

Did you once manage to collect one of the special Yoast goodies yourself? A golden oldie that you saved for years? A story that can’t be untold? We would love to hear about it! Since a museum is not alive without a connection between its visitors and artifacts, I’m inviting you to share your favorite Yoast souvenir using #YoastSouvenirs on social media. Bonus: you might be lucky to get featured in our online museum!