Managing a growing blog: content planning

As your blog gets bigger and attracts a larger audience, content writing becomes content planning and content managing. For larger blogs, a team of authors usually works together. Blogs are written by individual authors, but these authors still have to work together. Otherwise, a blog with the same topic could appear twice. Or, authors could use a totally different style and tone of voice. In this post, we will give some tips on how to manage the content of a growing blog.

Content planning

If your blog and your audience are growing and you’re getting more serious about blogging, you should make a plan for your content. If you have a personal blog, planning your content will be fairly easy.

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You should blog regularly. It’s hard to give exact numbers. For a company blog, a daily post will be totally acceptable. For a personal blog, this probably won’t be doable at all. Try to establish some kind of frequency and stick to it. Your readers will appreciate a reliable schedule. Once you know you can commit to your chosen schedule, make sure to communicate it to your audience somehow, so they know what they can expect.


If you often write about similar topics, make sure to mix things up a little. Don’t write articles about nearly identical topics one after the other. Of course you can still write blog series, but try to vary between topics as much as possible. You could also make variations in the form of your content. A video post for example really spices things up!

News & current events

When planning content, you should take a look at your calendar as well! Are there any major events coming up which are worth mentioning in your blog post? Make sure to mix these ‘current-events posts’ with the other posts you have lined up.

Style guide

If your blog is growing and you are working with multiple authors, composing a style guide for your blog is a great way to make sure everyone writes and spells in the same way. In a style guide, you can agree to write words in a certain way. Of course, we all should write proper English, but the use of capitals and brand names could differ. As all authors write for the same blog, it will create more unity if everyone spells the important words in the same way.

In the style guide you could also agree on the length of posts, the use of paragraphs and headings, and the use of images. It should be a document in which you write down all the things you want the blogs to be similar in. If you work with an occasional guest blogger, a style guide could be a great document to help them write a post that fits the style of your blog as well.

Editorial calendar

An editorial calendar is essential if you’re working with multiple authors on a blog with frequent posts. You could make an excel sheet, or write down the posts in your own calendar, but you definitely should make some sort of planning. Decide amongst each other who writes which posts. These decisions are most easily made in some kind of meeting in which all authors will sit down together. Decide what topics you want to address and who will write about them.


A growing blog will ask for more content planning, especially when blogging with multiple authors. It’s important to agree on style, the topics to write about, and the number of blog posts to write. As long as authors keep on working and talking together, a blog with multiple authors can be a great success and make your blog even grow further!

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9 Responses to Managing a growing blog: content planning

  1. Mahesh
    Mahesh  • 3 years ago

    A very nice and informative article on Managing a Growing Blog. I agree with your views on posting frequency and editorial calendar. I have a tech blog, we are a team of 4 people.We post 5 days a week and we follow the exact steps you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Plengchart
    Plengchart  • 3 years ago

    How much emphasis do you usually give on keyword researching? I mean, I usually do content planing in the “keyword-based,” manner. What do you think about my strategy?

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      Your keyword research is of course very important for your SEO strategy. If you have enough inspiration to write posts around the keywords you came up with in your keyword research you should definitely do so. Sometimes, it can be hard to write many articles about (somewhat) the same topic. Make sure you do not bore your audience with yet another article optimized on a variant of your keywords…

  3. pattu
    pattu  • 3 years ago

    I have a question about Yoast’s SEO blog: why do you choose to send a newsletter instead of separate emails for individual posts? Is this because you feel that readership will be higher with a newsletter? I have always wondered which between the two is better for a daily blogger. Would appreciate a response. Thanks.

    • Marieke van de Rakt

      Both are fine of course, but you should not send too many separate emails to your audience. Your audience could get annoyed.

  4. Mark Nelson
    Mark Nelson  • 3 years ago

    I try to write a blog every day but many times get bogged down. Running out of fresh ideas is a challenge.

    So I invest in different products, trainings, and webinars. Write notes from what I am learning. Then teach my target market in my blogs.

    That helps me keep going

    • Vittoriano
      Vittoriano  • 3 years ago

      The amount of things one is able to blog about on a specific subject is limitless. Yoast has an awesome post on cornerstone content, that you should relate/link back to in your posts. Making a deep well researched cornerstone article is where you’ll spend hours but after that I pick up tons of content I can write about.

      For instance: Wood Restoration>wood cleaning chemicals>brightening . Those are 3 posts with the latter relating to the former. That’s a whole weak of blogging and if it’s well thought out you can make a month schedule of writing fairly quickly! Hope this helps.


  5. Anurag Luthra
    Anurag Luthra  • 3 years ago

    I have been writing blogs on career advancement on my own website. After reading your article I find that I am covering the aspects mentioned by you. The blog post is about 4 months old but the traffic keeps on going up and down and is not growing. I also use the social media for promotion. Maybe you can have a look and let me know if the content needs further improvement.

  6. Todd
    Todd  • 3 years ago

    Nice little article, and I agree that the content calendar is terribly important, even when I’m the only writer for my blog. Create the calendar, I write and get it done. No calendar, days quickly turn into a week and little gets done.

    Because it is just me right now, the style guide is less important, but you gave me something to think about concerning creating a uniform style and sticking to it, and crafting it over time…