Innovations by Yoast: Word forms (morphology)

In October 2018, we added word-form recognition for English, soon followed by a similar upgrade for German, Dutch, Spanish, French, Russian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Polish and Italian. This new functionality allowed us to bring our SEO analysis to the next level. Before, we were only able to look for exact matches of the keyphrase in the text. Now, Yoast SEO Premium can recognize all possible word-forms of the words that comprise the keyphrase. This change brought us closer to the way search engines see our users’ posts! Our team of linguists is currently making word-form recognition available for other languages, so keep an eye on our site to stay informed of the languages we add.

Providing word-form recognition functionality was one of the first steps in a massive revision of SEO checks that Yoast SEO offers. We took a serious look at how the plugin analyzes texts and how the results of such analysis can be helpful to our users. Before releasing that big update, which we called the Recalibrated SEO analysis, we collaborated with thousands of our users to make sure the new analysis works great on all sorts of websites.

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