Free webinar: All about structured data!

It’s what’s hot in SEO right now – and it will be for years to come. We’re talking about structured data! How does it work? What does it do? More importantly: what can it do for you? On Thursday, September 5th, tune in from wherever you are to learn about structured data and its possibilities! Sit back, relax, and let us bring you up to speed on all things structured data, with special guest Jason Barnard.

What can you expect?

Basically: a fun-filled hour in which we talk you through all you need to know about structured data. And: the chance to ask questions! Marieke van de Rakt, CEO of Yoast, will host this webinar. She will be joined by Joost de Valk, founder of Yoast, and Omar Reiss, CTO of Yoast. Also, we’re very happy to welcome Jason Barnard as our special guest, a well-known SEO consultant and host of the #SEOisAEO digital marketing podcast! But that’s not all: what’s a discussion on structured data without our very own Jono Alderson? This time, he’ll have a special part to play!

What will you learn?

We’re kicking off this Yoast Academy webinar with a quick presentation by Jason Barnard. If you don’t know what structured data is, don’t worry, you’ll be all caught up! If you already know a thing or two, you’re still in for a treat. Jason will dive into the concept of blocks within blocks within blocks, by which he touches on different types of blocks. As we dig down, everything is a block. Intrigued? Be sure to tune in on time!

Next up is a round table discussion in which Marieke poses questions for Jason, Joost, and Omar to debate. Structured data can feel abstract sometimes, but not anymore! Topics up for discussion are the benefits of Schema blocks, what common mistakes people make, what is to be expected in the future of structured data, and more.

As you might recognize from our previous webinars, SEO in 2019, and the big “Is it a Ranking Factor?!” show, we will end the show with a Q&A! During the live show, you can ask your structured data questions through the live chat on the YouTube stream. We will do our best to answer as much as possible.

So, a full program that we are very excited about, and we’d love to have you join in. If you have questions in advance, feel welcome to share them in the comments. They just might pop up during the Q&A session.

How do you attend?

We’ll stream the live webinar on YouTube, so it is freely available to everyone. You’ll find the stream at, or by subscribing to the Yoast channel on YouTube. Then, you’ll get a notification when the webinar starts. There will be no login or other requirements. Simply visit the page and enjoy!

You don’t want to miss this webinar, right? Click the link below to add it to your online calendar directly.

Add the Structured data webinar to your calendar!

(iCal event: click the link and download the ics file. Open the file, select your calendar and save the date. All the details (URL etc) are included in the event!).

What time should you tune in?

On Thursday, September 5th at 8 PM CEST. In the table below, you’ll see when the show starts for a number of common time zones.

PST (Pacific Time)11 AM
MT (Mountain Time)Noon
CT (Central Time)1 PM
ET (Eastern Time)2 PM
BST (British Summer Time)7 PM
CEST (Central European Summer Time)8 PM
IST (India Standard Time)11:30 PM
AET (Australia Eastern Time)6 AM (Sep 6th)

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39 Responses to Free webinar: All about structured data!

  1. Thomas
    Thomas  • 10 months ago

    A real great help.

  2. melvin walden
    melvin walden  • 10 months ago

    Will this be recorded? As I live in Singapore and that means 2 am on Friday morning for me. As I work the next day this is out of the question. But I would really liked to have listened to the webinar.

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      Hi Melvin, you’ll be able to watch it afterward on our YouTube channel! Hope you enjoy it :-)

  3. Isabella
    Isabella  • 10 months ago

    Hello, I am really looking forward to your webinar today. I had a question though about the situation if I have structured data with my current theme and it conflicts with your plugin – I sent a lengthier explanation to the General Contact info, if you could take a look at it there. Thanks!

  4. Honey Lansdowne
    Honey Lansdowne  • 10 months ago

    Is this webinar suitable for a small business?

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      Hi Honey!

      It sure is, it’s interesting for anybody looking to learn a thing or two about structured data and what it can do!

  5. Randy Selzer
    Randy Selzer  • 10 months ago

    Looking forward to this!

    • Hanneke
      Hanneke  • 10 months ago

      That’s great to hear, we are too!


  6. Peter
    Peter  • 10 months ago

    Thanks for doing this webinar. Just what I need now.

  7. Sarfraz Ahmad
    Sarfraz Ahmad  • 10 months ago

    How do I sign up for this webinar?

    • Hanneke
      Hanneke  • 10 months ago

      Hi! You don’t have to sign up! You’ll find the stream at You can also subscribe to the Yoast channel on YouTube, so you’ll get a notification when the webinar starts.

  8. tanuj sarva
    tanuj sarva  • 11 months ago

    Excited for this webinar.

  9. Chris
    Chris  • 11 months ago

    I have been waiting for this! Looking forward to next week :-)

  10. Sara Jones
    Sara Jones  • 11 months ago

    Looking forward to learning from this webinar!

  11. Utaji Simon
    Utaji Simon  • 11 months ago

    i am so glad you informed us about the upcoming webinar on structured data!
    we are excited about to attend this webinar and learn something new.

    secondly is there a way to create reminder so we could get reminded via emails

  12. Monique
    Monique  • 11 months ago

    Ok this is interesting , so Ill be there on the 5th!

    • Hanneke
      Hanneke  • 11 months ago


  13. rdayley
    rdayley  • 11 months ago

    How do I sign up for this webinar?

  14. Vivada
    Vivada  • 11 months ago

    Hey, Siobhan Cunningham

    Thanks for informing us to upcoming webinar about structured data!
    we are excited about to attend this webinar and learn something new.


  15. Ace
    Ace  • 11 months ago

    I am looking forward to the webinar!
    thank u for this great work.

    • Hanneke
      Hanneke  • 11 months ago

      Good to hear, we are too!

  16. Christine
    Christine  • 11 months ago

    Looking forward to this very much!

    I hope you have a great week :)

    Thank you,

  17. Cynthia Tittle
    Cynthia Tittle  • 11 months ago

    I will not be able to watch at the scheduled time in my time zone. Will the webinar still be on YouTube later?

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      Hi Cynthia, it will :-)
      You’ll find previous webinars on our YouTube channel as well, at!

  18. Nitish Gumber
    Nitish Gumber  • 11 months ago

    I have added the webinar to my digital calendar.

    • Andre
      Andre  • 11 months ago

      Yeah. I did also. Can’t wait for it.

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      Awesome, Nitish!

  19. Tiffany
    Tiffany  • 11 months ago

    I dont get it – Am I signing up for a webinar?

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      Hi Tiffany!
      If you click the link, it’ll add the webinar to your digital calendar. You don’t need to sign up for the webinar itself, just go to when it starts and you’ll be able to join in!

  20. Stanley
    Stanley  • 11 months ago

    It will be awesome :)

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      Definitely! We’re looking forward to it!

  21. Vadym
    Vadym  • 11 months ago

    Great seminar!
    I’ll be waiting.

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      That’s great Vadym, we hope you enjoy it next week!

  22. Hemanta Saikia
    Hemanta Saikia  • 11 months ago

    I think Yoast SEO should combined all its premium add on plugins as one plugin. For example we need to install Glue for Yoast SEO & AMP and Woocommerce etc. As i think using too much plugin is not good for WordPress. Additionally we need to always work more functionality of additional one. Hope you integrate all in future. Looking forward for webinar.

  23. Sakib
    Sakib  • 11 months ago

    I’ll be waiting for the webinar.

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      That’s great to hear, Sakib! We’re looking forward to next week :-)

  24. Kenneth
    Kenneth  • 11 months ago

    I am looking forward to the webinar!

    • Siobhan Cunningham

      We’re glad to hear so, Kenneth. We are too!