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Use a 302 or 307 redirect?

Ask Yoast: Use a 302 or 307 redirect?

Redirects serve multiple purposes. For every occasion, there’s a specific redirect that works best. Some redirects seem quite similar though, for instance, the 302 or 307 redirect. You can both use them to temporarily point users to another URL. So we’re not surprised some people wonder what the difference between a 302 and 307 redirect is. Let’s clarify this here!

WordPress specialist Marcel Bootsman, also known as Nostromo on Twitter, has sent the following question to Ask Yoast:

Can you explain when to use a 302 or a 307 redirect when temporarily redirecting a URL?

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When to select a 302 or a 307 redirect?

Let me explain when to use which one, if you need a temporary redirect:

“Well, it’s actually quite simple. If the URL is really, really temporary please do use a 307. Only use a 302 if you want the URL that you are redirecting to show up in the search results with the content of the page that you are redirecting to.

So you have page A with a URL and you have page B with content. You want the URL of page A to show up with the content of page B in the index. If that’s what you want, use a 302. If that’s not what you want, use a 307. And if something is not temporary but permanent use a 301 redirect and not anything else.

Good luck!”

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  1. Lrers
    Lrers  • 1 year ago

    Thanks for telling me redirecting to other web.

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