Ask Yoast SEO tactics for getting quality links

As you might know, links from other websites are an important ranking factor. But you might wonder how to get those quality links. What SEO tactics should you use? First, let us tell you one thing about the SEO value of links: quality often beats quantity. One link from a high ranking site can do more for you than lots of links from less successful websites. You’ll learn how we found that out in this post.

In this Ask Yoast we’ll answer the following question:

“Nowadays, what tactics should I be using for my blog to obtain quality relevant links?”

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SEO tactics for getting quality links

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“Well, to be honest, these tactics haven’t changed all that much. If you were doing tactics that were slightly shady before, stop doing those. Get rid of all of that and start thinking about: “How do I get quality links?” Quality links are links that point to your site that actually lead to traffic from that site to your site.

So, you should think about: “Who should write about me? Would their visitors actually find something meaningful for them on my blog? Who am I writing about? Would that person like to link back to me? Whom should I reach out to? Which blogs do I like and frequent? Should I comment on those posts maybe, to lead people from the comments section of my own blog?”

All these things haven’t changed all that much. Really think about: “Where would I like to get coverage, and how am I going to get that coverage?” It’s a lot like PR. If you think about how PR people do that, then maybe you’ll get to some very interesting ideas about how you can get your own backlinks, and get the good ones.

I’d like to stress one thing, it’s probably not important to think about the quantity, it’s far more important to think about the quality of your links. When we, at a certain point in time, got one link from the Guardian to, our traffic increased in a way that nothing else has ever matched. That one link did more for us than a whole a lot of other things.

These types of links are the ones that you’d really want to go after. What is the biggest source that could possibly link to you? And how could you get that link? Good luck!”

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6 Responses to Ask Yoast: SEO tactics for link building

  1. Gerald Bacher
    Gerald Bacher  • 2 years ago

    Getting a link from the Guardian is a unique gift that unfortunately does not happen frequently. :/ I prefer guest posts because it’s still a great method to increase link juice and it’s in your hand on which blog you place your post! :)

  2. Netref Creation
    Netref Creation  • 2 years ago

    Great post, thank you for that.
    The same way : the number of refering domains is more important than the number of backlinks. Having one refering domain with hundreds of bakclinks is useless.

  3. Hamza Ahmed
    Hamza Ahmed  • 2 years ago

    Thanks for this. Getting Quality backlinks is the toughest part of SEO, you can get a lot of backlinks but it’s very hard when it comes to Quality of Links.
    Is there any easy way to get such links easily?

  4. Phim1P
    Phim1P  • 2 years ago

    Hi sir, i have a content but too much link ousite to it and google down rank this link. I want redirect content-old to content-new how
    effective it? thanks. sr, i come from Vietnam, my english so bad :(

  5. Legendary
    Legendary  • 2 years ago

    Wow i really appreciate, i must take it into practice from now on.

  6. Rick Vidallon
    Rick Vidallon  • 2 years ago

    Similar thing happened for me when John Battelle cited a link for our company on Battellemedia. The takeaway is to write a insightful post to attract a quality link!

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