Yoast SEO assessment: Image alt attributes

What does the keyphrase in image alt attributes do?

The keyword in image alt attributes checks if there are images in your post and whether these images have an alt text with the keyphrase. By adding an alt text, you provide users of screen readers and search engines with a textual description of what’s on that image. This improves accessibility and your chance of ranking in image search.

If your content has more than 4 images, you’ll only get a green bullet if the percentage of images with the keyphrase in the alt text falls within 30 and 70%. If you use the keyphrase in more than 70% of your images, your bullet will turn orange to prevent you from keyword stuffing. If you have Yoast SEO Premium, the plugin will also take synonyms you’ve added to your keyphrase into account.

Image alt attributes check

Why is it important to optimize images for SEO?

Images can improve almost any post or page — remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words?” Your article will become a lot more attractive with images. Also, think about how hard it would be to make money with imageless product pages! In other words, images are essential. If you add images to your posts, you need to make sure to optimize these. Not only for SEO but also for accessibility purposes. Search engines and assistive technologies like screen readers need context about an image to understand what’s on them. That means you have to add an alt text describing the image.

Do you want to optimize your images?

As we’ve shown, images are important for SEO but you have to make sure they are in perfect shape. If you have found a great image to add to a post you need to optimize it using tools like kraken.io or ImageOptim. After that, you can give that optimized image a descriptive filename — add the focus keyphrase of the post to the filename if that makes sense. Google even encourages you to markup your image with structured data so they can show up in rich snippets. After uploading the file to WordPress, you can add a caption if needed and an alt text. Take the time to write a good, useful and information-rich alt text (alternative text) as many sources will use this to determine what the image shows. Last but not least, try to place your images near its corresponding text.

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