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Optimize product images for your online shop »

Product images can make or break your online shop's success. Be sure to optimize your product images, using these hands-on guidelines!

Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines »

Image SEO should be in every online marketeer's and copywriter's toolbox. Here's how you should optimize your images!

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Image SEO: alt tag and title tag optimization

16 January 2019 | Joost de Valk

Adding images to your articles encourages people to read them, and well-chosen images can also back up your message and get you a good ranking in image search results. But you should always remember to give your images good alt attributes: alt text strengthens the message of your articles with search engine spiders and improves …

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Good alt text or alt tags improve accessibility of your site

Image SEO: Optimizing images for search engines

25 November 2018 | 11 Comments | Michiel Heijmans

Whether you’re a blogger or you write articles for an online magazine or newspaper, chances are you’ll find yourself asking whether your article needs an image or not. The answer is always “Yes”. Images bring an article to life and can also contribute to your website’s SEO. This post explains how to fully optimize an …

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Image SEO Yoast

Blog post images: Why use them and where to get them

13 September 2018 | 37 Comments | Caroline Geven

For the bloggers who started building websites in the early 00s, blogging was ‘just’ writing an update on your life or writing a tutorial. Photos were  not usual and if you had photos, you made sure the title of the blog post contained something like: ‘warning: image heavy’. Today, you cannot imagine posting a blog …

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Caroline's Corner

Ask Yoast: How to update images without losing rankings?

27 July 2018 | 10 Comments | Joost de Valk

Updating ‘big’ things on your site can have quite an impact. You may well be facing (slightly) lower rankings or traffic for a while after changing things like your URL structure, or switching to a different TLD, for example. Sometimes, there’s little you can do to avoid that, other than properly implementing the changes and …

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How to use a page speed test to optimize your WordPress website

If you’re serious about your WordPress website, you need run a page speed test. There are many variations of these tests out there, and some are more appropriate for your target audience than others. But all of them will give you a pretty good idea of where you can still improve your site. For some …

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High speed keyword research

Image SEO

The right images can give users a better experience on your site. And, if you optimize your images well, they can help your SEO too! Read all about it here.