Search Suggest

Don’t you hate it when you search for something on a WordPress blog, and only after being frustrated for a bit there there’s no results, you realize that you’ve made a spelling error? Or that there’s too many results and that you’d rather refine your search a bit, but don’t know to what?

Search Suggest offers help in both cases. Using the Yahoo! API for spelling and related searches, it retrieves those and shows them to you and your users. No longer will people search in vain for “WordPess plugins” or other typo’s.

It works fairly easy, after uploading and enabling the plugin, open up your search.php file, and below the “no posts found” message, add this:

<?php if ( function_exists('spell_suggest') ) { spell_suggest(); } ?>

And if you want to show related searches, just add the following:

<?php if ( function_exists('related_searches') ) { related_searches(); } ?>