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We’re very lucky to get to be in touch with SEO experts from all around the world. Every now and then, we sit down with them for a nice interview, for instance as a teaser for a talk they’ll give at YoastCon.

We also like to discuss the interesting projects our colleagues have been working on. You can find interviews on many different topics here: enjoy!

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Start contributing to open source: Pro tips from Felix

28 September 2018 by Marieke van de Rakt - 1 Comment

Two weeks ago, Joost shared his vision on open source. Today, we introduce yet another WordPress fanatic: Felix Arntz. As a freelancer Felix works part-time for Yoast. Half of that time he’s working on and consulting with the SEO plugin, and the other half Yoast sponsors him to contribute to WordPress core, mainly focusing on …

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Open Source

Are content blocks the future? And, what’s the benefit for SEO?

4 September 2018 by Willemien Hallebeek - 15 Comments

In Yoast SEO 8.0 you’ve met with the Yoast SEO Gutenberg sidebar. Since the 8.1 release, you can see the snippet preview in action in this sidebar. These are our first step of integrating Yoast SEO with Gutenberg. But there is more to come. Shortly, we’ll also introduce a whole new concept: Yoast SEO content blocks. …

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WordPress Gutenberg blocks

Voice search: what will the future bring?

My husband – Joost de Valk – and I often have discussions on how technology will change our day-to-day life. Joost is an early adopter, while I am much slower and more reluctant to technological change. Our discussions are pretty heated. So, what’s Joost’s opinion on the future of voice search? How dominant will voice search …

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future of voice search

Creating SEO courses at Yoast – Interview by LearnDash

In November 2017, Yoast Academy took a big leap forward. Switching to a different Learning Management system, called LearnDash, was a key factor in this. Leading up to the release of our free SEO for beginners course, Justin from LearnDash and I decided to take twenty minutes to really dive into the Academy and discuss the …

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Yoast Academy

The journey towards Yoast SEO 7.0

Joost de Valk founded Yoast. For a long time, Joost was the only developer working on Yoast SEO. He came up with all the features and implemented all the code; he did everything. As the company grew, we created a large development team. Joost always remained part of the development team and came up with …

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Yoast SEO 7.0

Laura Crimmons on link building

16 October 2017 by Edwin Toonen - 6 Comments

With only a few weeks left until YoastCon 2017, it’s time we introduced another of our amazing speakers. Laura Crimmons is Communications Director at Branded3, an award-winning SEO and digital marketing agency in the UK. Laura herself also has an admirable amount of achievements and awards under her belt, for example being named PR Moment’s …

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yoastcon laura crimmons

YoastCon interview with Michiel and Marieke

5 October 2017 by Edwin Toonen - 4 Comments

November 2, 2017. This date has been etched in the collective Yoast agenda’s for some time now. If you haven’t guessed, it’s when the second edition of the YoastCon SEO conference takes place. This practical conference is aimed at every site owner, business manager, content editor or anyone remotely making money with a site and …

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marieke van de rakt & michiel heijmans

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