SEO for B2B and B2C – what are the differences?

28 April 2017 by Willemien Hallebeek » - 18 Comments

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Business to Business (B2B) marketing is often different from Business to Consumer (B2C) marketing thanks to the elaborate buying processes, narrow markets and more complex products and services of a B2B website. In this article about B2B SEO, I’ll compare the two and explain what that means for your B2B website and SEO. When reading »

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B2B Content SEO

22 July 2008 by Erik-Jan Bulthuis » - 14 Comments

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This is another guest post by my Onetomarket colleague Erik-Jan Bulthuis. In the first part of this series about B2B SEO, we spoke about an online strategy for B2B websites. We named some differences between B2B and B2C websites. We also determined the kind of content a B2B website needs. This article dives deeper into »

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