Cool SEO tools roundup

Some of the cool SEO tools I’ve come across the last few days I just had to share with you:

Google Tutor has released a very cool Google Insights bookmarklet:

Once installed you should see a bookmark cleverly titled ‘Google Insights Bookmarklet’ on your bookmarks menu. To use the bookmarklet simply do a search at Google, Yahoo, or Live Search, then click Google Insights Bookmarklet. The bookmarklet will automatically open Google Insights showing the stats for the keyword you were just looking up at the search engine.

Katz Web Design has released an SEO Stylesheet, which gives you numbered results even without plugins / extensions. Best thing? It works in my favorite browser: Safari.

Google Tutor has told me that he’ll be releasing more nice bookmarklets, so subscribe to his feed!

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10 Responses

  1. Vizion QuestBy Vizion Quest on 10 October, 2008

    Nice, thanks for the tip Joost!

  2. Zack Katz @ Katz Web DesignBy Zack Katz @ Katz Web Design on 10 October, 2008

    Thanks for the mention! I’ve started using the Google Insights bookmarklet; it’s very helpful.

  3. RoshanBy Roshan on 15 October, 2008

    Thanks Yoast! Great information, i found this on my dashboard of my blog….

  4. Shweta JhaBy Shweta Jha on 16 October, 2008

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  5. JonBy Jon on 17 October, 2008

    Great find, Joost. The Google Insights Bookmarklet is very handy for those of us who are keyword-obsessed!

    Cheers, Jon

  6. Website Design BirminghamBy Website Design Birmingham on 23 October, 2008

    I like the Seo style sheet, just tried it, and its a great idea!

    The insights bookmarklet is also great! but still i think the most powerfull tool is the Google adwrods keyword generator, I tend not to use it for adwords but for generating my keywords.

    great post


  7. HarryBy Harry on 24 October, 2008

    Nice tools. I really liked the Google Insights bookmarklet most.

  8. SamanthaBy Samantha on 10 November, 2008

    I am a bit lost about the numbers shown on the Google Insights:
    I’ve read it many times but I still don’t get it. Maybe someone can explain it a bit?
    Thank you!