Use Google Libraries

Version reviewed:1.1.2
Author:Jason Penney
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: This is the kind of plugin that makes me happy. It just plain works. Wise to use on many, if not all, sites.

Google offers a CDN, a content delivery network, for JavaScript / AJAX libraries, such as jQuery, jQuery UI etc. This way you don’t have to load those files from your own server, but you can load them from Google’s servers. If more people do that, the chances of those people having for instance jQuery cached already increase, decreasing the load time for everybody. Use Google Libraries does what it says on the tin, by automatically replacing for those scripts that Google supports with versions loaded from Google’s CDN. The homepage for the plugin explains this quite well.


Usage of this plugin is very simple: install, activate, you’re done. It just plain works.


The plugin author is very active in the forums and seems to answer all questions related to his plugin.

Code Quality

The code quality is extraordinarily good. If all plugins were coded like this, the world would be a happier place. It’s not even that much code, but that’s probably also the strength: a very simple plugin that does one thing very well.

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