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Version reviewed:1.2
Author:Alex Moss
Plugin URL:Website

Summary: For a very simple way to embed Facebook Comments, this plugin is great. If you want to override the default WordPress comments, pick another one.

Another Facebook Comments plugin that helps you leverage the power of Facebook for your blog.

The plugin page for this particular Facebook comments plugin is rather short but descriptive, telling us that this plugin will make it easy for us implement Facebook comments on our site. This would be cool since the previous Facebook Comments for WordPress plugin we reviewed was far from easy to set up.

At first glance the plugin uses almost native styling on the settings page, though it seems to make the header for postbox elements a bit bigger, it would be better if it didn’t do that.


There were no lies so far: this plugin is easier to setup and I had it running within a couple of minutes. There’s two options: showing the comment box in posts and pages by enabling that on the settings page or using a shortcode so you can use it on just one or two pages. Other than the other plugin this plugin does not allow you to override the built-in comment system, something I think it should actually be capable of.

The plugin allows me to define the width of the Facebook comment box, but it should actually default to the $content_width variable that each decent theme should set to the width of the content block.

The plugin adds a Facebook Comments link back to its own page by default, without an option to remove this. This is against the WordPress.org rules and should be removed. There can be an option in the backend to add a link, but it should default to being disabled. It loses half a star because of that. Fixed by the plugin author.

Code Quality

The plugin uses a lot of separate options to store its settings, instead of using an array in one big option, this makes it harder to cleanly remove the plugin if you want to get rid of it. The plugin loads all its admin code all the time, even when you’re in the frontend, which is not really needed. Other than that, the plugin nicely uses the WordPress API’s and actually uses a lot less code to insert Facebook Comments than the other plugins I’ve reviewed so far that do this.

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