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Mighty Deals LogoThis is a sponsored review. With more daily deals sites than you can shake a stick at, one has to come up with some pretty good stuff if I’m not going to be bored as hell and click away immediately, even when they order a sponsored review. I’m pretty darn busy and daily deals sites only cause distractions, right?

Wrong. This site offers (and has offered) several products I myself find highly useful, so my attention was caught. You see, while some of you might forget this at times, I’m still Dutch. Which means I’m cheap, in a good way. I like hunting for deals. I like getting things “on the cheap”. In fact, a lot of my consulting work is for eBay, you could almost say I sort of specialize in cheap. Except for those of you who know my consulting rates. Ah well, let’s stop digging a hole for myself by trying to be smarter than Lisa Barone and start talking about those daily deals.

So, in comes Mighty Deals. It works as one expects from a daily deals site, sign up, get emails, see if it’s interesting, delete 99% of the time. Well, 80% of the time in this case if you’re anything like me. Just check some of their current deals. Like Smaller, an OS X app to easily minify JS. Not rocket science, but bloody useful and at $10, a steal. Picons Icons, 500 icons that are not the ever present FamFamFam icons and royalty free, at only $21.

Or a deal that you’ve missed already, 3 tests from usertesting.com for $50… Invaluable feedback for $50. I’ll subscribe and I’ll stay subscribed, and I think you should too. If you’re not going to subscribe to this one for the deals, be sure to download this freebie, a web icon set “for business”. Not the best ever but you’ll never know once these things come in useful. There’s more free stuff like that there.

This, to me, is what deals site should look like to keep me happy, I hope you agree. If not, be glad that I got paid for this review and go on with your life, I’ll snag the deals away myself :)


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15 Responses

  1. chumtarouBy chumtarou on 11 July, 2011

    Thanks for the info. I just purchased the 2 you suggested. Was looking for a good way to compress my files offline.

  2. jesse fogartyBy jesse fogarty on 12 July, 2011

    Another post that had me chuckling throughout – anyway I’m kind of confused, are the deals on apps or varying products

  3. AndieBy Andie on 13 July, 2011

    Thank you so much for making me aware of this site. What a wonderful site for new site owner’s and those who simply like a bargain. I currently own 3 websites and have already found many items in the free section that I’ve downloaded. Kudos to you and your wonderful newsletter. I read each one. =)

  4. AntesBy Antes on 14 July, 2011

    I loved the icons they looking lovely thanks. :)

  5. Chris CarvacheBy Chris Carvache on 14 July, 2011

    This seems just like appsumo; just more niche targeted.

  6. Jonathan CraftBy Jonathan Craft on 15 July, 2011

    Thanks!! I signed up to the mailer lite trial, and may come back and purchase the discounted version in 5 days time!

  7. MicheleBy Michele on 16 July, 2011

    Thank you Joost this is an awesome site! They do have fantastic deals!!

  8. TJ WonBy TJ Won on 18 July, 2011

    Great site. We actually created a daily deal site from a template we purchased off MightyDeals!

    Soon enough there will be aggregators (think: http://www.allyodeals.com) aggregating this type of information as well. It’s just gotten ridiculous with the number of daily deal vendors out there. Soon, we’ll have to start seeing original ideas like this otherwise the market will have become too saturated!

  9. alovillaBy alovilla on 20 July, 2011

    I like this web site.

  10. LarsBy Lars on 22 July, 2011

    Thanks for really nice info;)

  11. Rituparno GhoshBy Rituparno Ghosh on 22 July, 2011

    These deal sites are doing good businesses. Its an upcoming trend.

  12. Paul B. Taubman, IIBy Paul B. Taubman, II on 22 July, 2011

    I am both surprised and a little upset that you need to opt-in just to take a look around! I imagine they get quite a few bad email addresses that way! Definitely a turn off.


  13. Ying HaoBy Ying Hao on 23 July, 2011

    aily deals site for web professionals, with deals and coupons and with some pretty good stuff

  14. MicheleBy Michele on 28 July, 2011

    Thanks for the good deals info. I signed up and am already checking out the free deals.

  15. Brad EvansBy Brad Evans on 10 August, 2011

    Hey mate, Thanks for the great review! checkin it out now!! especially the freebies.. your writing style is great! it would be awesome if you could give me some feedback on my site? http://bradleyevans.com.au/attraction-marketing/