Canonical URLs for Magento

This extension adds the new canonical links to the head of your Magento pages, for a more in-depth explanation, see this post. Code by Joachim Houtman.

You can download the extension or install it through MagentoConnect. Send all your questions and remarks about this extension to magento [ at ] yoast . com.


Does this plugin work together with the Fooman Speedster module?
If you use Canonical URLs for Magento together with the Fooman Speedster module, you need to overwrite the Canonical module with this download.

I get an error when downloading: “Failed to download …. with preferred state “stable””, how can I fix this?
The reason is you have preferred stability of “stable” and not “beta”. Go the the another tab at your Magento downloader and set it preferred stability to “beta” or “alpha”. It should work now. See the screenshot below for what it should look like: