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So you’re selling awesome products, but can’t seem to convince your visitors how awesome they are? Do people seem to find your website, but not your sales pages? Or do you just think you could be making more money?

That’s exactly why we’re now offering a Conversion Review. We want to give you a workable report of things you could improve to increase your conversion rate. And we’ll do all that with a solid basis of (scientific) articles outlining how and why those changes would help you.

Your conversion rate is the percentage of your visitors that actually buys something. So that’s definitely a number you’d like to see grow. Having a higher percentage of your visitors buying your products, means you’ll be making more money.

In short, we’ll tell you what to improve, and how, and why. So not only will you probably start selling more, you will also learn what drives your customers to purchase your products!

What you will get

Landing Page Review

In the Landing Page Review we’ll look at one of your landing pages. You will get a report outlining changes that can have a drastic impact on the amount of people clicking through. And a higher click through rate will in turn increase your sales and conversion rates! These recommendations can easily be implemented on other (landing) pages.

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Checkout Review

In the Checkout Review we’ll look at your complete checkout process. You will receive a report looking at the flow, speed and usability of your checkout process. This review will make sure visitors feel ordering your products is easy, quick, safe and worth it! Such changes will have a major effect on your sales and conversion rates. And a higher conversion rate on your checkout means you’ll immediately earn more money!

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Complete Review

To give you a good idea of what you will get with a Complete Review, we’ve written a post in January 2014 showcasing one of our complete conversion reviews. This post highlights a few of the things we’ll be reviewing when making a Complete Review.

We’ll look at your website and the conversion tactics, if any, you’re currently using. And we will also be looking into how your visitors behave; where they’re coming from and where they’re going. To be exact, we’ll be looking at the following:

  • Website
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media
  • Newsletters

You will receive a report outlining the changes that will probably improve your conversion rate. This will be focused on your most important channels and/or pages. All our claims will be founded on (scientific) articles.

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What others thought

Bully Max - Conversion Review Testimonial“We would like to thank you for the review as it is proving to be indispensable for us growing the business. In fact, so far I think I look at the review at least once a day for reference. Thank you also for taking care of our Google Analytics issues. Having a backup of the data is a great thing. Your hard work with this is very appreciated. All in all, your reviews are awesome, and any serious online business would be missing out, not to take advantage of such knowledge.

Team Yoast is money well spent, bottom line!”

Matthew Kinneman, Bully Max

Some other clients

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