How to use the Semrush related keyphrases feature in Yoast SEO

As of Yoast SEO 20.0, the settings interface inside our plugins has received a major overhaul. Please update to the latest version of Yoast SEO if your plugin does not look like the screenshots you encounter in our Help center.

Yoast SEO makes finding related keyphrases easy! After you’ve done your keyword research, you can find and use the most relevant keyphrases with the powerful Semrush related keyphrases feature. As a result, you get a quick insight into the performance of related keyphrases, and in doing so, you improve your content! In this post, you’ll learn how to connect Semrush with Yoast SEO and use this great feature. 

A focus keyphrase helps you keep your content on topic and keep it relevant for your users and search engines. But, a lot of times, focusing on a signed keyphrase can make your writing repetitive and unpleasant to read. So, using related keyphrases helps you make your writing more engaging while also increasing your chances to rank.

What is more, in some of your posts, you may cover multiple aspects of the same topic. In that case, it is great to add additional keyphrases and get your content to rank for multiple keyphrases.

Together with Semrush, we’ve built an integration that helps you find related keyphrases for your focus keyphrases in Yoast SEO. Before you get access to the related keyphrases, you will need to connect Semrush to Yoast SEO. If you don’t have a Semrush account yet, you can register while connecting Yoast SEO to Semrush.

Both free and premium Yoast SEO users have access to the Semrush related keyphrases. However, only premium users can add a related keyphrase from the list to their post with just one click. Using a free Semrush account will allow you to make up to 10 requests for related keyphrases per day. To get full access to the Semrush tools, you will need to upgrade your Semrush account.

To start using this feature, follow these steps.

  1. Add a related keyphrase in the Focus keyphrase input field in the Yoast SEO sidebar/meta box.

  2. Click the Get related keyphrases button below the Focus keyphrase input field.

    You will see a pop-up window with one of these three scenarios:

    1. If you already have a Semrush account, log in directly in the pop-up window (1) and then allow Yoast SEO to connect the accounts (3); or
    2. If you don’t have a Semrush account, register and create one (2) and then allow Yoast SEO to connect the accounts (3); or
    3. If you are already logged into your Semrush account, allow Yoast SEO to integrate the accounts (3).

    To Log in and to Register, follow the instructions on the screen.
    A screenshot of the three options (log in, register and allow access)

  3. Click the Approve button (3 in the image above) to integrate your Semrush account with Yoast SEO.

    Once you connect the accounts, the Semrush related keyphrases overlay window appears.The SEMrush related keyphrases overlay window

  4. Click on the country name to select a country and the language you want to see results for.

    A dropdown menu with more than 100 available countries and languages appears. Select the one you need, and then click the Select country button. A screenshot of the country dropdown menu in the SEMrush related keyphrase feature overlay window

  5. Check the Volume and the Trend of the suggested keyphrases

    The volume column shows the average number of monthly searches for the analyzed keyword over the last 12 months. The trend column shows the interest of searchers in the related keyphrase over the last 12 months. A screenshot of the SEMrush related keyphrase overlay window with a highlight on the Volume and Trend columns

  6. Add the related keyphrase to your post (Yoast SEO Premium).

    If you are using Yoast SEO Premium, you can add a related keyphrase for Yoast SEO to analyze, by clicking the Add as related keyphrase button. You will immediately see the related keyphrase in the Yoast SEO Premium sidebar. A screenshot of the SEMrush related keyphrase overlay window

  7. Optimize your content for the related keyphrase you added (Yoast SEO Premium).

    Yoast SEO Premium will also give you feedback on the related keyphrase you added. Just like in the feedback for the focus keyphrase, you will see what you need to improve, as well as what you did well.

How to disconnect your Semrush integration

If you want to disconnect the Semrush account you connected to Yoast SEO, you can do it by following these steps:

  1. Go to Yoast SEO -> Integrations.
  2. Toggle the Semrush integration switch off.
    Screenshot showing the toggle of the Semrush integration switched off
  3. Click ‘Save changes’ – This will disable the integration and the associated account.

If you want to reconnect the account (or add a new one), just toggle the Semrush integration switch back on. Then, the feature will become available, and you will be required to sign in or sign up again.

Learn more about keyword research

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