How do I access the training course I purchased?

Please note: MyYoast and Yoast Academy are now one and the same account.

After purchasing a Yoast Academy training course, you are sent a few separate emails:

  • Your purchase receipt.
  • Information about your newly created MyYoast account. (Only if you have never made a purchase with the email address you used at checkout before.)
  • Proof of enrollment for every unique course you have purchased.

Table of Contents

Your login details for Yoast Academy

Your account for Yoast Academy and MyYoast is one and the same. Therefore, you will no longer need separate login details for MyYoast and Yoast Academy. You may need to set a password if this is your first login or have forgotten your password.

Access your courses via MyYoast

Our customer portal, MyYoast, provides you access to all of our courses, whether free, purchased, or trail versions. You can also view your certificate for completed courses.

  1. Go to the MyYoast customer portal

    Log in, if needed.

  2. Click on ‘Courses’

    ‘Courses’ is located ‘ in the sidebar (desktop) or bottom bar (mobile).

  3. Click ‘Start this course’ or ‘Continue this course’.

    Find the course you want to access and click start or continue to load the course.

Access your courses directly

You can directly access your courses here.