& Genesis 2.0

28 May 2013 | 37 Comments Joost de Valk

About a week ago, we “migrated” to Genesis 2.0, in the process we switched to their new HTML5 / code and we slightly updated our design, making the header shorter and making improvements to our responsive design. This was a bit of work, but not even half as much as that sounds like »

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XML Sitemap PHP script

19 July 2011 | 25 Comments Joost de Valk

Recently, while working on the site for my father in law (in Dutch), I wanted to create an XML sitemap for the many publications on his site, that are downloadable PDF’s. I regularly add PDF’s to his site too, and since I’m a tad bit lazy I don’t want to keep updating the XML sitemap. So »

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XML Sitemap PHP script

Web Intents from Twitter

7 July 2011 | 23 Comments Joost de Valk

At the end of March Twitter released a cool new feature called “Web Intents”. I didn’t really see the value of it till recently, but I’ve now started using it way more. When you have a Tweet button on your site, you’re already using the Web Intents API, but you can do way more cool »

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