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FeedBurner down?

18 December 2006 | 1 Comment Joost de Valk

As I logged in to my Mint stats this morning, I saw that FeedBurner had registered 0 feedreaders for both and Now I know for a fact that that isn’t true, and indeed, one the support forums it seems that more people have this problem. Update: it seems this problem was solved within »

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W3C Validator API

2 November 2006 | 21 Comments Joost de Valk

The W3C announced the release of an API for the HTML validator or rather, that’s what they call it. In fact, it’s nothing more than an output filter on their normal validator output, which gives SOAP 1.2 conforming output. It requires a HTTP request though, which makes it a rather funny “API” to deal with.

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31 October 2006 | 7 Comments Joost de Valk

So last weekend I installed PHP5 on my server, to finally be able to do some new stuff, and this, it seemed, created some trouble with my SEO scripts that used NUSOAP. What is the problem? Well it’s easy: PHP5 has a soapclient built in, and this causes trouble :).

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