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Joachim was a Magento consultant & developer. As co-founder of Remerce his focus has moved to performance based Research Online, Purchase Offline (ROPO) e-commerce.

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Landing pages module for Magento

8 September 2009 by Joachim Houtman » - 59 Comments

One of the most powerful features of Magento is it flexibility. With the CMS functionality you are able to create very SEO friendly static pages in an easy way. There’s one issue though: by default Magento lacks a good way of including a group of products on a page if they are not all products »

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Magento performance hosting

12 June 2009 by Joachim Houtman » - 39 Comments

The system requirements of Magento are quite extensive, it requires at least PHP 5.2.0 extended with mcrypt, PDO_MySql and simplexml. For the database Magento needs at least MySQL 4.1.20 with InnoDB storage engine. At you can find a complete list of requirements. But how do you know if your server meets these system requirements? »

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