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Ask Yoast: Can backlinks from one site hurt my rankings?

Backlinks to your website usually contribute to your rankings. So generally you’d be happy to get lots of links to your posts and pages. But what if you get lots of links from one site? Would Google consider that as suspicious, and could you, therefore, be penalized?

In this Ask Yoast we’ll take a question from Gabriel Heffes of Alberta Home Services:

“I recently had a post on Tumblr that was reblogged and resulted in 9000 links to my page, making Tumblr and that post the most link sending post. Will these thousands of links cause a Penguin penalty and hurt my rankings?”

In the video below we’ll explain whether all those links could result in a penalty or not!

Are backlinks from Tumblr dangerous?

Not able to watch the video? You can read the transcript here:

“The honest answer is: no. This is actually a good thing, not a bad thing. Google knows how Tumblr works. It can see that these links are not bought or in any other way bad. So don’t worry about them. Celebrate the fact that you’ve got so many links on Tumblr! And make sure you’ll create another post like this because it will actually help in your ranking. Good luck!” 

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1 Response to Ask Yoast: Can backlinks from one site hurt my rankings?

  1. Dumaji
    Dumaji  • 3 years ago

    I get lot of backlinks from some famous blogs. I don’t think that will hurt SEO. But yes getting to much links from one site or blog makes no sense. So i mostly try and get backlinks from various niche and top blogs.

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