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WordPress SEO by Yoast, version 1.0

WordPress SEO by Yoast, version 1.0

Yay!!! It’s there. After almost a year of coding, I dare say that my WordPress SEO plugin is finally to be called stable. That doesn’t mean there are no more bugs left to squash: I wish. It does mean though that I now strongly believe that it’s safe to run on smaller and bigger sites alike. Some very big sites are already running it.

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Yoast SEO: the #1 WordPress SEO plugin Info

Mashable has been running WordPress SEO for quite a while now and so have my friends over at The Next Web. Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, one of the founders and owners of The Next Web, recently said the following about my plugin:

“The SEO plugin by Yoast helps all our editors add SEO juice to their post fast & easy. Editors should focus on writing content, not gaming results. But they are the ones most suitable to write descriptions and titles for their own stories. The plug-in allows them to do just that without needing an SEO expert to walk them through the process. An invaluable tool for any professional blog.”

I think Boris got exactly what my aim is with this plugin. I don’t want to bore you with all the details, I want you to write better content and aid you with that. The help from Linkdex and the Page Analysis functionality we created in that has been invaluable. That said, I’m not there yet. The plugin still has a gazillion settings that you need to find your way through and I’m not happy with that. Functionality to fix that will be coming soon.

Another big big thanks is due for the guys at Level Level who designed the logo for this plugin, in the same style as the logo for my Google Analytics plugin. Guys: you rock!

Google News Module

Today I also finished the work on the Google News SEO Module, the first official module for my WP SEO plugin. It’s free, if you’re in Google News you should really start using it right now!

Update & Donate

So, it’s there. If you were already running the plugin, update to 1.0, if not, install it now, have fun and tell me in the comments both why you use the plugin and what you’d like to see next! If you want to thank me, a donation is sincerely appreciated. All of the money that comes in in donations is spent on hiring the best WordPress developers for hire to help me improve on this plugin even quicker.

A good example of that is that I hired Jon Cave, a WP Core Contributor, to build the XML Sitemaps API that allows this plugin to easily create XML sitemaps for the very large blogs it’s used on.

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134 Responses to WordPress SEO by Yoast, version 1.0

  1. neena
    By neena on 27 September, 2011

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  2. Noah's Dad
    By Noah's Dad on 20 September, 2011

    Is there a support address for the plug in? I have something a little strange going on with the plug in, and hoping I could see what you suggest doing to fix it (or let me know if I”m perhaps doing something wrong.)


  3. Setya Dewanta
    By Setya Dewanta on 6 September, 2011

    after i’m update this plugin my page have a bad result in indexing.. it is very slow in indexing.. in previous version i just need 10 hours then my page indexing by google.. now.. :( the Hide verbose explanations of settings not working..

  4. Shelly Reever
    By Shelly Reever on 5 September, 2011

    Where is the download link?

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 6 September, 2011

      on the plugin page, both here and on wp.org. Or you can search for “wordpress seo” on your Install new plugin screen in the WordPress admin.

  5. Dines
    By Dines on 5 September, 2011

    Thank you a lot for your effort regarding this excellent all in one SEO tool.

    I’d just wish to change the titles of my posts from H2 to H1(in the style.CSS sheet it says H2.page and then titlefont: normal 26px/30px Georgia; (reluctant to change it).

    If you see , all posts have small titles in black on yellow, as well as on the post pages themselves.

    Only the home title has H1. The sitemap tells that the static front page has 100% priority and all other pages including the blog page only 80%.

    I wonder if this owes to the small titles. Shouldn’t it be the blog page to be 100% which is where the index file is?

  6. Carl P.
    By Carl P. on 5 September, 2011

    ** wouldn’t let me response within same posting.

    Plugin gives main sitemap of: http://cparservices.com/sitemap_index.xml, and of course each is listed within.

  7. Cord
    By Cord on 5 September, 2011

    hi joost,

    am running both WP, WP SEO and WP Super Cache in their latest versions, but have following issue:

    When updating a Category the .htaccess file is overwritten with blank content (only “# BEGIN WordPress) # END WordPress” – so that brakes my blog until I restore the .htaccess url rewrite rules.

    Hope you can reproduce this issue and find a fix?1


    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 5 September, 2011

      My plugin doesn’t write to .htaccess files so that’s weird…

      • Cord
        By Cord on 5 September, 2011

        Hi Joost,

        thanks for your quick reply!

        So I need to cross check if that issues was already before installing WP SEO.

        Since under “Yoast WordPress SEO: Files” there is the option to edit .htaccess I assumed the plugin would do that ;-)

        thanks again


  8. Derek Ng
    By Derek Ng on 5 September, 2011

    Dear Joost, I’m having the permanent structure as /%postname%.html and have enabled “Enforce a trailing slash on all category and tag URL’s”.

    However, all the posts are also accessible with a trailing slash. ie., both mysite.com/example.html and mysite.com/example.html/ are accessible. How can I redirect .html/ to .html?

    Any information will be appreciated!

  9. Carl
    By Carl on 5 September, 2011

    When submitting sitemaps to Google I am getting an red X and the information says “Line 2: Sitemap is HTML. Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead.”

    Please help? I have used this plugin before, and google recognized right away. I am using a WP theme from Templatic.

    • Carl
      By Carl on 5 September, 2011

      thoughts? anyone getting the same thing? I changed themes and resubmitted sitemaps. Immediately I am getting the same error.

      • Joost de Valk
        By Joost de Valk on 5 September, 2011

        Could you give a link to your XML sitemap or your site?

  10. Zacchaeus Nifong
    By Zacchaeus Nifong on 5 September, 2011

    Dear Joost~

    How’s it going? Long time no hear. Listen, in the script for the Meta Description in an individual Post/Page, the character counter’s not working. Got any ideas on what it could be?

    Orthodox Daily

  11. McBart
    By McBart on 3 September, 2011

    I love the breadcrums option and I implemented it in my blog. There is only one thing I did want to change that wasn’t a standard option.
    The hard coded “Home” in the breadcrum.
    I like to have my site domain name here instead of home.
    Would be nice to have a option in the plugin to chance it in what ever suites the site purpose.

  12. jason fox
    By jason fox on 3 September, 2011

    Joost. I have been running your plugin for quite a while and have been telling everyone I know how awesome it is… My main site, that is running your plugin, is on page 2 of Google for WordPress SEO in 3 months. Thanks man.

  13. Opp
    By Opp on 3 September, 2011

    we been using this plugin since day 1 and love it!

  14. YM Ousley
    By YM Ousley on 2 September, 2011

    Awesome plugin Joost! I wanted to replace an older Google News sitemap plugin that I’m using with this, but I’m not seeing the Google News options on custom post types (incidentally, the same problem with the older one).

    I’ve tried highlighting all of the custom post types I want included, but it doesn’t seem to stick.

  15. McBart
    By McBart on 2 September, 2011

    Hi Joost,

    Great plugin I use it as guide to optimize my content. Cause of this plugin I now use more and more pictures in my posts, cause it prompted me to do to get a better SEO result.

    I just installed the latest 1.0.1. but it has still a nasty bug. It breaks the page title in the standard TwentyEleven theme of WordPress.

    This is bad, cause I can’t advise people this plugin this way: “It’s good but you have to do some real modifications cause it breaks your page titles in a standard WP install”

    You also will look bad when newbies install this plugin and see there page titles mingled…..

    Yes I know you should also SEO page titles. But a plugin should also have a option to switch off stuff I and other people don’t want (yet).

    So please fix this and include a option that switches off the title stuff.
    Also mentioned this bug earlier in the wordpress forum

    don’t you have a feed on tags concerning your plugins on the all important WordPress forum ;-)

    Cheers, Bart

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 3 September, 2011

      If you set the title template for posts & pages to %%title%%, the plugin essentially does nothing. If you enable force rewrite it always works, at a a slight performance loss. This is what most other SEO plugins do by default. Because of the performance loss I refuse to default to that.

      The issue is that the title tag in Twenty Eleven is absolutely horrible in the way it’s implemented. I’m currently working with several core contributors on a patch to entirely change the way WordPress handles titles, so all of this would no longer be needed, at least for up to date themes.

      Lastly, I do have a feed on WP.org forums, j just tend not to reply to threads that answer questions I’ve already answered on this same forums and / or in the FAQ. So next time, please search first :-)

      • McBart
        By McBart on 3 September, 2011

        Hi Joost,

        I agree with you that TwentyEleven has a wired way of managing titles. But this is what it is for now. Plugins have to adapted to this current situation.

        The %%title%% in post and pages AND the rewrite does work, thanks. Only thing: I use the TwentyEleven Showcase page as my home page, the plugin rewrites my page title to: “Showcase – That’s really ugly in my opinion. I searched the settings and can’t find a way to correct this to the – TwentyELven has as a default. If there is let me know.

        I still am in the strong opinion that there should be a option to turn of the title rewrite in your plugin. There always will be situations that your rewrite system isn’t suitable. Don’t force things on people if they don’t like them. Give them the opportunity to turn it so they can SEO titles in there own way or just go with the standard of the theme.

        Because of the quirky behavior of the title rewrite and in the current absence of a option to turn it off, I have to revert to my hack to turn off the plugins rewrite stuff via functions.php

        Hope you now see the practical need for this option

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 3 September, 2011

          I’ll think about a good way of doing that… Currently focussing more on removing confusing options :-)

          • McBart
            By McBart on 3 September, 2011

            That would be great :-) Removing confusing options is also a good priority :-)

  16. Mark "Chief Alchemist" Simchock
    By Mark "Chief Alchemist" Simchock on 2 September, 2011

    Super! Thanks!!

    btw, I’m not so sure Mashable lends any credibility to you and your plugin. I think they are by far getting the better end of the deal/connection/association/relationship.

    I’m just sayin’ ;)

  17. victei
    By victei on 2 September, 2011

    Congratulations! This is a great plugin and it is great to see its development progress to a stable version!
    I love your plug-in and its on all by WordPress sites. Thx! :)

  18. Adam Haworth
    By Adam Haworth on 1 September, 2011

    Thanks for this great SEO plugin, I will donating a little to say thank you. WP is asking to update the plugin, will I lose my current settings and meta titles/descriptions if I automatically update?

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 2 September, 2011

      Hi Adam, no you won’t loose your settings!

  19. Maureen
    By Maureen on 1 September, 2011

    Hi Joost,

    I’m quite new to your SEO-plugin, but am loving it!
    Thanks for this,


  20. Craig Cacchioli
    By Craig Cacchioli on 1 September, 2011

    Good work Joost. Loving the plugin. The sitemap has given my site a vast improvement in terms of the number of pages indexed.

    I heard that Yahoo! Site Explorer is now merged with Bing – is this true? If so, will you be removing this redundant field from the plugin any time soon?

    Also, I am wondering if you have any plans to add a deep-linking feature to this amazing project.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      For as long as Yahoo! Site Explorer is active I’ll leave it in there…

  21. shelley zurek
    By shelley zurek on 1 September, 2011

    I just installed WordPress seo today. Finally finally have a site map and have issued to google and it’s been accepted. I will def. be donating today, so look for that! Having trouble setting up the titles setting page?
    1>I changed the code on the header page for as recommended. Do i have to change it further down where it says where it has the code for Site title too?

    2> Now I don’t know what to do next. ANy tutorial? In the slot for title template do I put %%sitename%%-%%sitedescription%% or do I type something? in the meta description is that where I put: THE blog for Women over 45. Our Giveaways are alway over $50. Is there some place in your plugin for site name and site description or have I entered this elsewhere in WOrdpress? I see in the General settings where I have site title and tagline.
    3. I have no clue how to fill out the remaining items on this page. Even a hint would help. I am able to connect the dots but this is my first time encountering this kind of stuff and without a tutorial, I am lost. I have been able to set up the other page such as permalinks, indexation etc from some of your old versions. But I can’t find anything on this page. HELLLLP! (sorry for being such a newbie) The Chief Blonde

  22. Rajesh Namase
    By Rajesh Namase on 1 September, 2011

    Amazing Job! I love this plugin, and now I am happy to use this because now it is stable. Thanks.

  23. Michelle Castillo
    By Michelle Castillo on 1 September, 2011

    Congratulation for the upgrade!
    I rushed to install it hoping my XML site map issue would be solved but was disappointed .

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      Hi Michelle,

      could you tell me, either here or in that support thread, which URL you’re having issues on, as http://wordpressinsider.org/sitemap_index.xml seems to be working fine?

      • Michelle Castillo
        By Michelle Castillo on 1 September, 2011

        The problem is within Google Webmaster tools. The status is a Red X. Not sure how you were able to see it is OK

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

          I see a valid XML sitemap… Could you resubmit the sitemap in Google Webmaster Tools (there’s a link for that in GWT) and if it’s still throwing a red cross, click at the sitemap and make a screenshot of the error?

  24. Tracey
    By Tracey on 1 September, 2011

    I’ve been running it on KnowABit for months now. Excellent, excellent plugin! Not all of our authors take advantage of it, but it’s in their tutorial.

    Now what I’d really like: a plugin that will send an excerpt to the major social media sites automatically for each post made. Ping.fm had a plugin that could do this, until Loic castrated it for WordPress.

  25. ivan sindell
    By ivan sindell on 1 September, 2011

    Thank you for a powerful tool. I am in the midst of rebuilding my site and I checked the analysis tab on a page I had just worked on. I ahve work to do. Thank you again. Ivan

  26. mark williams
    By mark williams on 1 September, 2011

    Joost we build all our sites in thesis theme, this made the all in one seo plugin redundant for our sites. Is there anything extra that your plugin does different that offers improvements?

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      It does way way more, but unfortunately Thesis is currently incompatible with this plugin, because they refuse to adhere to WordPress standards.

      • Harsh agrawal
        By Harsh agrawal on 29 September, 2011

        Joost I guess Thesis and WordPress issue has been resolved ..Or not??
        I want to use your plugin but at the same time I’m using Thesis theme….and more over I use thesis inbuilt SEO feature for everything..!!
        Though I can easily import settings from Thesis to your plugin..but apart from that will it be any issue??

  27. Marlon
    By Marlon on 1 September, 2011

    Congratulations! Amazing Job! Best for you.

  28. kristofferR
    By kristofferR on 1 September, 2011

    Awesome news, I’ve been using the plugin since its inception with no issues! My favorite SEO plugin without a doubt!

    Will support for localization be added now that you’ve reached 1.0?

    This is vital for me. I have no problems with English myself, but I unfortunately can’t install it for my Norwegian clients unless it can be localized into Norwegian. The localization is probably one of the main reasons why AIOSEO is so popular.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      That’s definitely very high on the list of things to do next, a lot of it is ready for it, so it’s a matter of me going through the entire plugin and fixing things.

      • Ejaz Siddiqui
        By Ejaz Siddiqui on 2 September, 2011

        Congratulations on Reaching 1.0 version and Thanks Joost for creating such an awesome plugin.

        I would also love to see localization support due to the nature of my clients. Thanks again.

  29. ivan sindell
    By ivan sindell on 1 September, 2011

    Install as update, how? Curretnly I use 01.3 and want to save my settings. When I tried to upload 1.0 as a plugin, unsurprisingly I was told that it had the same title as the version I and the installtion failed. Suggestions on how to install as an update, should I deactivate or uninstall the old version, rename the new version. Will I lose my existing information?

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      You’ll have to delete it through the backend and reinstall. Your settings will not be deleted, so don’t worry about that :)

      • ivan sindell
        By ivan sindell on 1 September, 2011

        ok, this will sound dumb. Backend, not through the wp dashboard? sorry

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

          Nothing dumb about that :) Indeed just delete it through the WordPress admin, then install it again.

          • ivan sindell
            By ivan sindell on 1 September, 2011

            Thank for a powerful tool. I am in the midst of rebuilding my site and I checked the analysis tab on a page I had just worked on. I have work to do. Thank you again. Ivan

  30. Craigslist Moving
    By Craigslist Moving on 1 September, 2011

    I have recently read several good reviews of this plugin from some of my opinion leaders. I am strongly thinking of converting, but a little hesitant as I don’t see a lot of tutorials on why I need certain aspects of SEO. If you could have that that would be great.


    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      Which aspects are you worried about?

  31. Niek
    By Niek on 1 September, 2011

    Thanks for this one.
    Is it possible to manually add extra pages to the Sitemap?

  32. Dana
    By Dana on 1 September, 2011

    Congratulations on the milestone Joost! I’ve been using, and recommending, your WordPress SEO plugin for awhile now. All your work coding this plugin definitely shows, as it is by far the most functional and polished SEO plugin I’ve ever used.

    Thanks for contributing so much to the WP community!

  33. Pierre
    By Pierre on 1 September, 2011

    What is the most appropriate way to submit a “support” request ? This comments area may not be, but I’d like clarifications on why even though the plugin is up to date on my 2 sites, it’ does not appear the same on both – namely one does not look like the screenshot you uploaded, and says
    “Homepage & Front page
    You can determine the title and description for the front page by editing the front page itself ”

    Best regards.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      That page has a static frontpage?

      • Pierre
        By Pierre on 2 September, 2011

        That’s right I forgot to check that difference in sites setup. Logical that the config should not be the same then ?

  34. Pierre
    By Pierre on 1 September, 2011

    Regarding settings, I could never really find recommended default infos, is that because they could vary from site to site based on hosting etc ? Is there a default file in xml we could use if one cannot export yet ?
    By the way I just donated, not a very big amount but that’ll help and I plan to do it again in the future. Nice marketing idea to then have users tweet about their gift to spread the word ;-)

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      Hi Pierre, appreciate the donation :) There are no “default settings”, unfortunately. I’m working on a wizard that’ll lead you through some questions and determine proper settings for you based on that, but that’s a little while away.

  35. Pierre
    By Pierre on 1 September, 2011

    Wonderful evolution, congrats on that 1.0 milestone, I know how many countless hours such a development implies ;-)
    One thing I’ve been missing is the import and export feature, as like many people I use the same config on many sites. So far that feature did not work so I reported it in the bug tracker, I’ll try again now that I see the newest version in my site, and will report if that can help. Thanks again !

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      I fixed that yesterday, after the memory issues with the sitemap that was the last big issue I wanted to fix before calling it 1.0 :)

  36. Rev. Voodoo
    By Rev. Voodoo on 1 September, 2011

    Congrats, good stuff, and thanks for the effort. This goes on all my sites, and any I develop. I know I personally do not yet utilize the plugin to its full capabilities, but I appreciate the things it does for me.

  37. Richard Lemon
    By Richard Lemon on 1 September, 2011

    Great work. A must-have plugin, that’s for sure!

  38. Gautam Doddamani
    By Gautam Doddamani on 1 September, 2011

    gr8 sitemap really is now simple and smart. and d plugin is now stable (pun intended) :)

  39. Kevin Mullins
    By Kevin Mullins on 1 September, 2011

    Is the steps to migrating from AIO SEO still the same as those here: http://yoast.com/all-in-one-seo-pack-migration/ ?

    Thanks Joost

  40. Neil Egginton
    By Neil Egginton on 1 September, 2011

    Hi Joost,
    I’m thrilled with the plugin but I am having one problem. My categories aren’t being indexed. I’ve checked and double checked all the options, but still can’t solve this.

  41. Dan
    By Dan on 1 September, 2011

    Joost, your plugin is invaluable, I use it on all my sites. However, I’m having trouble getting it to work on Multisite.

    I get error messages all over the place as described in this support thread

    Is this a bug you know about. Any help would be much appreciated as I’m having to use Headspace2 on Multisite instead for the time being.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      Hi Dan, I’d need to see your install to be able to fix that… Will email you.

      • Dan
        By Dan on 8 September, 2011

        Ok, I don’t know if you did anything, Joost, but it’s miraculously working again now!

        Maybe it was something in the latest update that fixed it. Anyway, Headspace is no more!

      • Dan
        By Dan on 8 September, 2011

        Still having this problem on multisite. I guess I’ll have to stick with Headspace :(

      • Dan
        By Dan on 2 September, 2011

        Any joy finding the problem, Joost? I sent you the login details.

  42. iDCx
    By iDCx on 1 September, 2011

    thanks for the read Yoast, I use your theme on a few of my website – i think google has indexed wordpress so much now that it simply knows what its getting before it gets there. but then i am running your theme… so the seo was built in! Thanks Yoast – a good read about google news there!


  43. Neil Egginton
    By Neil Egginton on 1 September, 2011

    Great! Thanks for your quick responses and help. I can make the switch and donate now.
    Best wishes

  44. Neil Egginton
    By Neil Egginton on 1 September, 2011

    I’d really love to use this plugin but I can’t find where to enter the homepage seo titles, descriptions and keywords. I don’t use a page for my hompage. I noticed another user has asked the same question.
    Is it possible to optimise the homepage seo?

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      Neil, don’t you have this on your SEO -> Titles page? (click for image) http://uploads.yoast.nl/homepage-settings-20110901-133325.png

      • mattie
        By mattie on 1 September, 2011

        Hi Joost,
        I don’t have the tab for enter homepage title and description. I sent via e-mail my address and an account for you. Please help me, Google can penalize my site now :(

        • mattie
          By mattie on 1 September, 2011

          Thanks Joost, now I see homepage fields.

          You’re the best as your plugin ;)

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

          Just fixed it on your site, somehow your site’s reading settings were broken.

      • Neil Egginton
        By Neil Egginton on 1 September, 2011

        Hi, thanks for the quick reply.
        I do have that option for the title pages, but as there’s no way of entering any keywords, I thought it must be the wrong place for entering the homepage seo.
        If I don’t need any keywords for the homepage, I’ll be happy to start using it, and donate :)

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

          You don’t need them, but if you enable the keywords on the SEO -> Dashboard then you’ll get to enter them on this page too.

  45. Michael Barnes
    By Michael Barnes on 1 September, 2011

    Great stuff Joost a truly exceptional plugin I already can’t do without.
    Any news on Thesis compatibility? (I understand that this is a Thesis problem not yours)



  46. Steve Fitzpatrick
    By Steve Fitzpatrick on 1 September, 2011

    Cheers Joost!
    Such a great and easy to use plugin and fantastic you’ve hit this milestone. We’re using this for all of our own sites and highly recommend it to everyone else!

  47. FreeBSD Hosting
    By FreeBSD Hosting on 1 September, 2011

    Great news, Joost.
    It might have been useful if you explained why we should install your plugin (well, one reason is because your plugins are awesome) instead of the many other SEO plugins and what the (main) differences are.

  48. Adeline
    By Adeline on 1 September, 2011

    I recently switched to WordPress SEO from All-in-One SEO and it has made a world of difference to my site. Nothing could be more simpler and effective. Thanks for creating the most useful plugin ever Joost.

  49. Taeke Reijenga
    By Taeke Reijenga on 1 September, 2011

    Congrats Joost!

    it’s one of the plugins we can’t do without.

    And thank you for the nice words

  50. leo
    By leo on 1 September, 2011

    I’m currently using all in one SEO and thinking of switching to this one. Is there any extra steps rather than just deactivate and delete the plugin?

  51. Ed
    By Ed on 1 September, 2011

    Currently, I use All-in-One SEO. Would I use Yoast’s WordPress SEO plugin IN ADDITION to this or as a REPLACEMENT?

    • Nick
      By Nick on 1 September, 2011

      Or canonical/robots/breadcrumb plugins that you might have…

      • Melissa Cleaver
        By Melissa Cleaver on 1 September, 2011

        Does that include Yoast Breadcrumbs? I’ve been using that for a while now, but does the SEO plugin replace that one as well?

        • Joost de Valk
          By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

          Yes it does, it actually has even better breadcrumb handling.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      A full replacement. It’ll also replace any XML sitemap plugins you might have.

      • Mark Batchelder
        By Mark Batchelder on 1 September, 2011

        Will the XML sitemap work with multisite (WordPress MU)?

  52. Dale Reardon
    By Dale Reardon on 1 September, 2011


    I have just installed the Google News module and having a few problems.

    It generated the sitemap fine and added it to my index map. However it was empty and contained no urls. Should it have put all existing urls into the file?

    Also it is only adding posts to the file and not pages. Can you have both types added or only one or the other?


  53. Dale Reardon
    By Dale Reardon on 1 September, 2011

    Congratulations on a terrific plugin. I use it on several sites and it has really helped my SEO performance.

  54. Greg Bussmann
    By Greg Bussmann on 1 September, 2011

    I just wanted to say congratulations, and thank you. This is far and away my most indispensable plugin.

    Can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. Keep up the great work.

  55. Louis
    By Louis on 1 September, 2011

    Mate I am loving this plugin! You really have saved me alot of time. Thankful for the update and cant wait to see a update that has less settings and wont get me worried about no follow in the future.

  56. mattie
    By mattie on 1 September, 2011

    Hi yoast, I have a problem with title and description of homepage. This link doesn’t works: /wp-admin/admin.php?page=wpseo_titles

    Where I can edit title and description of my homepage? Now there is the title of my last post, please help me soon!

    • mattie
      By mattie on 1 September, 2011

      Thanks Lutvi, but I have a normal homepage :\

      • Joost de Valk
        By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

        Just fixed it, your “Reading” settings were weird, as neither of the options was selected. Will add a check for that in the plugin but it shouldn’t happen.

    • Lutvi Avandi
      By Lutvi Avandi on 1 September, 2011

      It’s look like you set a page as your homepage. So, if your want to set the title for your homepage, simply optimize the page that you use as homepage. Hope this can help you

    • mattie
      By mattie on 1 September, 2011
  57. Rich
    By Rich on 1 September, 2011

    Sweet! Looking forward to updating all of my sites. I’ve been using your SEO plugin on quite a few sites for a while – only found one bug. I hope it’s fixed now that it’s out of beta. Good job and thanks!

  58. Dubstep Boi
    By Dubstep Boi on 1 September, 2011

    Joost, your contributions to the communites, especially magento and wordpress have been outstanding. Thank you for all your hard work, give the smaller guys a chance to really improve SEO if enough time is invested.


  59. Bryan
    By Bryan on 31 August, 2011

    Sweet! Thanks for this. I meant to write you about a maybe bug. I’m not sure, but occasionally when I rewrite an older article somehow nofollow and noindex gets turned out. I now check that tab before posting just to make sure.

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      If that ever happens again, please do let me know…

  60. Steve Krause
    By Steve Krause on 31 August, 2011

    Thank you Joost – I was waiting for the 1.0 before I flip over to WordPress SEO on my blog groovyPost so thank you.

    Another awesome contribution to the WordPress community… and that’s no minor accomplishment.

  61. chrismccoy
    By chrismccoy on 31 August, 2011

    awesome, good job, any idea on the relase of the video sitemap addon?

  62. CK Chung
    By CK Chung on 31 August, 2011

    Great job, Joost! Much appreciated! I love how this single plugin takes the place of (and improves upon) so many others! Also, thanks for considering my feature requests!

  63. Robin Jennings
    By Robin Jennings on 31 August, 2011

    I’ve been using Yoast SEO for 6 months now and it seems to work so well I didn’t even know it was still in Beta.

    Watch out world!

  64. Fili
    By Fili on 31 August, 2011

    Congratulations! This is a great plugin and it is great to see its development progress to a stable version! Well done and looking forward to the future updates you have planned :)

    • Joost de Valk
      By Joost de Valk on 1 September, 2011

      Thanks Fili, especially coming from you that means a lot :)

  65. Juanma
    By Juanma on 31 August, 2011

    Congratulations Joost! It’s a must have plugin.

  66. The Frosty
    By The Frosty on 31 August, 2011

    Congrats! I really like the progress that has been made. I’ve been switching a few sites over and am real happy.

  67. kevin Chard
    By kevin Chard on 31 August, 2011

    Congrats!!! great plugin I have been using it for a while now as are many others.

  68. Elja Trum
    By Elja Trum on 31 August, 2011

    Most be a great feeling to be out of the beta stage. I love your plug-in and its on all by WordPress sites. Thx! :)

    • Peter
      By Peter on 1 September, 2011

      Ditto, one of the first articles I published using your plugin went straight to Numero Uno on you know who in less than 3 hours.

      Thanks Yoast!

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