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Redirect from a domain to my site

It may just happen to you one day: unexpectedly, you find out that another domain is redirecting to your website. While you may find it strange someone would do that without asking first, you probably won’t immediately see a problem. If someone wants to send more traffic your way, why not, right?

Such an unexpected redirect to your site is unlikely to instantly cause huge SEO problems. Still, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your rankings and check what kind of domain this redirect is coming from. After all, if it’s some super-shady website that’s connected to your website like this, search engines could get suspicious, which might impact your rankings. So, what to do, when you face an (unwanted) redirect to your site? Let’s discuss in today’s Ask Yoast!

Central4all emailed us on this subject:

Someone is redirecting his or her site to my site. Is this harmful, and if so, what should I do?

When someone redirects their site to your site

“Well, it depends. If that site is very bad and has very bad links, then it might be bad for you. But generally, I wouldn’t be too worried. You can always disavow those links in Google Search console later on. For now, I’d say, let it go and see what happens. Good luck!”

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