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Competing business names in the SERPs

It’s the stuff of nightmares: you’ve worked hard to build your company’s brand and make a great website, with flawless UX and impeccable structure. But then, a larger business in another industry, with the same name starts investing heavily in their SEO and dominates the search results at your expense. Your site has completely disappeared from the SERPs. This could even be a problem when a large company has a name that’s very similar to yours, and the search engines automatically assume people are looking for them, even when someone types in your business’s name.

Sounds like a horrible scenario, right? What’s more, if the other business is in another industry, then undertaking legal action probably won’t be any use. So, what can you do when another company with the same name as your business beats you in the search results, every time? Even when people try to find you?

Leon Wilke was struggling with this problem and emailed us:

Our company has the same name as a large company in another industry. So this company always beats us in the search results, even when people try to find us. Do you have any advice or tips on how to deal with that?

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Dealing with competing business names

“Yes, I do, but you’re not going to like it… Change the name of your company. There literally is no other way of dealing with this properly in the long run. It’s always painful to do that. But, you’re always going to be outranked by them… Good luck!”

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