No Directory WordPress plugin

With Yahoo! introducing the NOYDIR tag to opt out of the title and description from the Yahoo! directory for your pages, I had to update my NOODP tag WordPress plugin to add the NOYDIR tag as well. In the process I added a small option screen to allow you to show either of the two,…

Version 1.1 of the WordPress contact form

I’ve just put up a new version of the enhanced WordPress contact form, which adds spam protection (using a simple math question) and the option to show a “cc” option to the person e-mailing you. He will get a carbon copy of the e-mail, without the referrer information the contact form automatically sends along though.

Enhanced WordPress Contact Form

As a multiple WordPress administrator (I control 10+ WordPress sites), I use the WP contact form plugin written by Ryan Duff a lot. Most of the times these contact forms are used as some form of conversion on these sites. This means you want to know as much as possible about the person sending you…

NOODP WordPress plugin

I’ve created a small WordPress plugin to add the NOODP tag to your themes without a hassle, have a look: NOODP WordPress plugin. [tags]noodp, wordpress, plugin[/tags]