Synonyms and related keywords: Why readers love them

Today, we’ll talk about how using synonyms, and related keywords can improve your text. Let’s start with a quick test! What do you prefer reading?

During our family weekend, we went out to the forest to gather wood. We found some wood and took it back to the cabin. In the cabin, uncle Joe used the wood to lit a fire in the fireplace.


During our family weekend, we went out to the forest to gather firewood. We found some dead branches and dry leaves and took them back to the cabin. In the hut, uncle Joe used the wood and tinder to lit a fire in the fireplace.

More lively, specific and easier to comprehend

Odds are, you prefer reading the second example. In the first example, we used the word wood three times. In general, this repetition creates a boring text, and it can even annoy readers. The synonyms and related words we use in the second example (firewood, dead branches, dry leaves, wood, tinder) paint a more lively image of the event.

Even more so, these words help search engines understand what the text is about. For instance, in this case, the synonyms and related words confirm that the text is about firewood, not wood to make furniture. This context helps search engines to show search results that fit the query of the user.

Synonyms and related keywords in Yoast SEO Premium

Yoast SEO Premium helps you use synonyms and related keywords in your text. Here’s how that works:


Most people know that, in Yoast SEO, you can set a focus keyphrase, the phrase you’d like the post to rank for. In Yoast SEO Premium, you can also add synonyms for your focus keyphrase! In the above example, firewood would be a synonym for wood. The Premium analysis will then check whether you’ve nicely distributed the keyphrase and its synonym(s) throughout the text. And, if necessary, it’ll give you detailed suggestions on how to improve it.

Related keyphrases

Yoast SEO Premium also allows you to add related keyphrases. In the above example, that could be branches, tinder, fire, and fireplace. The Premium analysis will assess whether you’ve used these related keyphrases often enough and on key points in your text. Using them in your introduction, for instance, will get you bonus points. Of course, the analysis will indicate whether there’s room for improvement too.

Yoast SEO word forms infographics
Context helps readers and search engines understand a text. In this infographic, you’ll find a practical example of how synonyms and related keyphrases relate to a keyphrase and what Yoast SEO Premium does with them.

Do you want to make sure you use synonyms and related keywords in your copy? Get Yoast SEO Premium now! Your readers and search engines will thank you for it!