How to give a course to someone else

It is possible to purchase a course yourself and then enroll someone else as the student of that course. In order to do so, you will need to purchase one or more courses from our webshop.

After purchase, there are three options:

  • If you are not yet enrolled in these courses, then you will automatically be enrolled.
  • If you purchase multiples of the same course and you are not yet enrolled in that course, then you will automatically be enrolled in one of those and all others of that course will have no student assigned.
  • If you are already enrolled in this course (because you have purchased it before or someone else gave it to you), then no one will be automatically enrolled in the new course(s).

Follow these steps to enroll someone else in your course(s).

  1. Log in to your MyYoast account.

    Not sure how to log in?

  2. Go to the ‘Courses’ in the sidebar (desktop) or across the bottom of the screen (mobile).

  3. Click on the ‘Enrollments’ tab.

  4. Click the ‘Change student’ button of the course where you want to change the enrolled student from.

  5. Fill in the email address of the new student and confirm the email address by filling it in for the second time.

  6. Click the ‘Invite student’ button to enroll the student in the course.

  7. The new student will receive an enrollment email and a MyYoast account.

    The enrolled student can read an additional article about receiving a course.


If I assign someone else, can I still do the course myself?

No, you can no longer take the course yourself. Unless, of course, you own multiple of the same course.

Can I still change the enrolled student after enrolling them?

As long as the enrolled student has not started the course, you can still assign someone else (including yourself).

Someone assigned me as a student to a course, can I assign the course to someone else?

No, only the owner of the course can change the student.

Can I assign courses from a bundle to someone else?

Bundles offer a selection of our Academy courses. The whole bundle can be assigned to someone else, but not separate courses.

Can I assign courses from the Yoast training subscription or the Yoast plugin & training subscription to someone else?

These subscriptions offer all our Academy content. The whole subscription can be assigned to someone else, but not separate courses.