Fatal error: Cannot instantiate abstract class WPSEO_Redirect_Manager

The error:

Fatal error: Cannot instantiate abstract class WPSEO_Redirect_Manager in /PATH_TO_WORDPRESS/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-seo-premium/PATH_TO/FILE.php on line ##


This error occurs when previously entered redirects fail to update to the new format or when the update is not applied due to a cache conflict, particularly when using Opcode cache.


  • If you are not running the current version, please update as soon as possible. How To Guide Available Here
  • Please clear all of your cache tools and recheck for the error. It’s possible that it could be hung up in server-level cache, especially Opcode cache, so please ask your web host to clear any server cache modules, as well. In rare cases, you may need to disable your cache plugin for a short period of time until the error no longer displays.
  • If all else fails, deactivate Yoast SEO Premium, temporarily install and activate Yoast SEO (free), and delete Yoast SEO Premium. Once the error no longer displays (may take up to a couple of minutes), install a new copy of Yoast SEO Premium.
  • Please empty the transient cache for the wpseo_premium_version option in your WordPress dashboard to trigger our redirect upgrade routine to run again. To empty this cache, you can use a Transients Manager. There are several available in the WordPress plugin repository.