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One or multiple domains for campaigns

Ask Yoast: One or multiple domains for campaigns?

You might have a lot of small sites which are topically related to each other. If you want to get more traffic to these sites, how do you achieve this? Do you have to bundle those sites to gain more traffic? And, what’s best for SEO if you want to run a new campaign? Set up a new domain for each site? Or add it as a subdirectory to an existing site? Joost helps you out with these questions in this Ask Yoast.

We received a question for this Ask Yoast from Roger da Costa out of New York City:

“We run various sites focusing on public health issues. And we now want to bundle campaign sites that get little traffic under the organizations’ domain to improve SEO. Is this a good idea?”

Check out the video or read the answer below!

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One domain or multiple domains?

What to do when you run multiple campaigns? Choose one main domain or use a single one for every campaign? Check out the video or read the answer below!

Yes. Usually when you have a lot of small sites, consolidating them into one bare one is a good idea. Because it actually makes it easier for people to click around, to get more engagement with your site and you’ll have more links pointing at one domain, instead of a lot of links pointing at all the separate domains.

So, yes, I would do that. And if you build new campaign sites, try to build them as a subdirectory on your main site, instead of setting up a new domain for everything. Because a new domain for everything, really means that you’re starting fresh with Google all the time and that’s just a waste of your efforts on SEO.

Good luck!

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4 Responses to Ask Yoast: One or multiple domains for campaigns?

  1. Pattipie
    By Pattipie on 22 March, 2017

    Great tip! Thank you!

    By ANIL YADAV on 21 March, 2017

    Helpful article, Thank you! ?

  3. Vipin Sahu
    By Vipin Sahu on 20 March, 2017

    If we are setting up a new subdomain? then it will be treated as same as new domain?

    • Willemien Hallebeek
      By Willemien Hallebeek on 21 March, 2017

      Hi Vipin, generally subdomains are treated as new domains indeed.

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