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Ask Yoast 300 words for a product page?

Writing at least 300 words for one page is not always easy. Still, we generally advise doing so, since the amount of copy you have on a page has a positive impact on the page ranking. But what should you do if you have an eCommerce website with, for example, multiple pages about different types of pants? How do you write 300 words for each product page in that case? And is it even worthwhile doing that?

Felisza Nichols was wondering the same thing and sent us her question for the series Ask Yoast:

“I want to know if having less than 300 words for your product page is bad. I have a clothing store and it’s difficult to write 300 words about a pair of pants.”

Watch the video or read the transcript further down the page for the answer!

Things to consider when optimizing product pages

“That’s something I can relate to, especially if you sell a hundred different type of pants. The funny thing is, on a store, the 300-word length is probably quite a bit. The question is:

A. Should you have that much text on the page or is there a lot of other content on a page that you could count in as well, so you could do with 150 or 200 words?

B. Should you really be optimizing for this specific product or should you be optimizing the category page for which it is usually a lot easier to write 300 words than for the product page.

So the question you have to ask yourself is twofold: 

A. Should I optimize the specific pants page? Or should I optimize the category page?

B. Could I get away with 150 or 200 words because I have a lot of other content on the page? So, if you have a lot of images or technical information about the product then you can usually get away with less content.

The biggest thing I would say is: optimize the category page and don’t optimize the individual product pages that much.

Good luck!”

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7 Responses to 300 words for a product page?

  1. ??????????
    ??????????  • 3 years ago

    Article the best your SEO in general! Thanks for your help

  2. Oscar Nava
    Oscar Nava  • 3 years ago

    Do you mean the bigger the article the best your SEO in general?
    Thanks for your help

  3. AGTES Kozijnen
    AGTES Kozijnen  • 3 years ago

    Great post, one question though. What do you recommend in my case: I have a separate page as my cornerstone content, and a WooCommerce category where I have a small description of the products and the benefits of buying the online.

    I’m afraid when I put too much text in the category, it’ll push my products too far down (below the fold). What’s best to do: Make that category page my cornerstone content and push products down, or put the products first and the text after the products? Or keep it like this:P


  4. Brian
    Brian  • 3 years ago

    Your latest update of the free version has created severe problems. I 100% understand you may have been looking at improving business etc…

    I’ve always used your plugins free version as a basic setup procedure to hand over to clients where they coudl end up purchasing or asking me for advanced upgrades.

    Unfortunately, this new 3.0.6 version is not just horrible. It removed listings I had on Google for businesses just searching their own names. I had to filter this out this evening after receiving a call from someone just curiously asking.

    I’m a firm believer in always updating plugins so I do them without hesitation. In this case I can say “you got me” and gave me the smooth shaft up my @55 as now I have to find a basic replacement and expect the calls.

    Basically you’ve angered me to where I’m forced to look elsewhere to this move. Maybe grandfathering old settings and not forcing changes on what was already done in free version and going forward with any new installs would have been better.

    Oh well, after years of using you. (and paying for plugins) I can finally say you successfully drove me away. Thanks for the previous years and I hope the best.

  5. project
    project  • 3 years ago

    sometimes writing a pure content more than 300 words for a page is really difficult!

    • shohael
      shohael  • 3 years ago

      I think it’s not difficult because if you write full product information then it’s automatically up more than 300 words.

      • Emraz
        Emraz  • 3 years ago

        If u give also full information it’s not possible with in 300 words.