Google Search URL parameters cheat sheet

July 02nd, 2007 – 36 Comments

I’ve been playing around with the URL parameters Google has to offer a lot lately, mostly after the de-personalized search stuff. I’ve now built a list of these parameters and created a PDF cheat sheet file with all of them in there. Included in this PDF are links to the documentation for the values some of these parameters can hold.

This is a rough version, so I’d love to hear your comments on how to improve this cheat sheet!

36 Responses to Google Search URL parameters cheat sheet

  1. ryan
    By ryan on 11 September, 2008

    @Joost de Valk:
    u suck

  2. Torsten Kammeyer
    By Torsten Kammeyer on 5 June, 2008

    Great sheet! Good work! Love the list!

    JohnMu: I’ve been thinking about the “sa” part, and it could be something about the source of action. N could be a Normal Navigation, X could be cross navigation (for “Search related to: “) etc.

    Some parameters missing:


  3. David
    By David on 8 January, 2008

    Gret cheat sheet!

    Just wanted to point to another pretty sophisticated use of syntax from the old Google Answers site:
    Tricky Google Search Syntax Needed

    Should be of interest to folks here.


  4. Marita
    By Marita on 15 December, 2007


    you can also use the date restriction for past day

    (d) month (m) and year (y) which comes in handy when searching for seasonal keywords.

    Not sure if you all already know about this one; I use allinanchor search for back links with relevant keywords

    allinurl:keyword phrase
    allintitle:keyword phrase
    allintext:keyword phrase

  5. Ontario Emperor
    By Ontario Emperor on 6 August, 2007

    Neither imgtype=face or imgtype=news appear to be documented in Google’s help.

  6. Tracy@SEO
    By Tracy@SEO on 10 July, 2007

    I think Google has all in its help section..

  7. anonymous
    By anonymous on 10 July, 2007

    Hamlet, it can be used to build a bot to emulate random people clicking your pages in the serps, which is rumored among black-hats to improve your ranking and correlation, especially if it’s ‘ keyword-i-want-to-associate-my-site-with’

  8. Hamlet Batista
    By Hamlet Batista on 7 July, 2007


    Thanks for sharing, this is very handy, I was looking for ways to mine more information out of my search engine referral logs.

    Besides scrapping and mining logs, what other practical use can you think of?

  9. HSV
    By HSV on 5 July, 2007

    from your pdf:
    “specify filetype (pdf | ps | dwf | kml | kmz | xls | ppt | doc | rtf | swf)”

    I dont know how many other types work, but maybe you want to add these to your list:

    and now google for the complete list ;)


  10. Cristina Mailat
    By Cristina Mailat on 5 July, 2007

    I have tried an old google command, to search all linkbacks of the domain excluding the onpage links. Looks like google changed the query as I found many references with the old parameters which now does not seem to work anymore.

    Let’s say I want to find all backlinks for BUT without the onpage links what should I add to ?

  11. anonymous
    By anonymous on 4 July, 2007

    I created one on google docs here; it would look nicer as a writely document, but the tables on writely are pretty flaky.

  12. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 4 July, 2007

    @Bashar: yeah i’ll be creating an HTML version as well :)

  13. Bashar
    By Bashar on 4 July, 2007

    Cool. Thanks a lot.
    HTML Version of it would be cool as well for your site I guess.

    You may have missed this on Google Images: imgtype=face
    to get only faces. Thanks to Luis von Ahn :)

  14. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 3 July, 2007

    @ulco: I’ll add them in the next version.

    @Peter: yeah they should…

    @JohnMu: I’ll find out! :)

  15. JohnMu
    By JohnMu on 3 July, 2007

    Some of these already get processed by my Google referrer statistics tool described at

    One that I couldn’t understand was “sa” – do you have any idea?

  16. Peter van der Graaf
    By Peter van der Graaf on 3 July, 2007

    Hi Joost,

    Don’t you think it is about time Google explained all URL variables in one cheatsheet themselves? Don’t they have such a page or just haven’t I found it yet?

  17. Ulco
    By Ulco on 3 July, 2007

    How about:


    I believe there’s a couple more but this should keep you busy for a bit ;-)

  18. Joost de Valk
    By Joost de Valk on 3 July, 2007

    Richard: yeah perhaps I’ll make a page out of it as well with some examples…

  19. Richard Hearne
    By Richard Hearne on 3 July, 2007


    Now we just need to figure out all the accepted values that go with these. A couple of examples might be useful also.

    Thanks Joost, this is going to be really handy.

  20. André Scholten
    By André Scholten on 2 July, 2007

    What about “meta”, what does that parameter do? I can see it’s included in (for example) the Google Image Search link, but why?

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