Yoast SEO 22.0: Supporting Organization schema

Recently, Google announced an update on how it uses business details in search. To help you make the most of that, we are happy to announce Yoast SEO 22.0, which expands support for Organization structured data. Here, you’ll find how we help Google understand everything about your company.

Expanded support for Organization schema

Yoast SEO has always been at the forefront of supporting structured data for our users — we have the most robust framework out there. We’ve also made it easy for you to make the most of it. For instance, you can add details about yourself and your site via our settings. Yoast SEO will add these details to our full-fledged graph if you do so. Today, we’re going to do even more.

Yoast SEO Premium and its Local SEO add-on offer expanded support for Organization schema, keeping your website at the forefront of (local) SEO. With this update, you can seamlessly incorporate detailed information about your organization, including its name, address, contact information, and various business identifiers. New in this release, among other things, are founding dates, number of employees, Tax/VAT IDs, ISO numbers, and more! And, of course, Yoast SEO will add all the structured data for these fields — you just have to fill them in.

You can fill in a long list of details about your organization in Yoast SEO Premium

But what is Organization schema?

Organization schema is structured data that provides search engines with detailed information about your organization. It includes essential details such as the organization’s name, address, contact information, and business identifiers. By implementing the Organization structured data, you can enhance your website’s visibility. It improves its chances of appearing in knowledge panels and other rich search results.

Google recently announced an expansion of its use of Organization structured data, so it’s vital that your site also provides as many details as possible. Check out the official announcement from Google.

Leveraging Organization schema for Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial for businesses targeting specific geographic areas. By combining the power of Organization and LocalBusiness schema with local SEO strategies, you can significantly improve your website’s visibility to local customers actively searching for your products or services. So start filling in those details!

The importance of structured data in the age of AI

Local SEO is not the only reason to use structured data. The use of artificial intelligence in search makes it essential that search engines accurately understand and interpret your website’s content. By providing context through structured data, you can help AI algorithms find and figure out the entities on your site so users get the relevant search results they need.

Stay ahead with Yoast SEO 22.0

Upgrade to Yoast SEO 22.0 and Local SEO 15.3 and use the expanded support for Organization schema. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your website for search engines further. Download Yoast SEO today and unlock the full potential of structured data!

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6 Responses to Yoast SEO 22.0: Supporting Organization schema

  1. Louis Dallara
    Louis Dallara  • 5 months ago

    Do I have to pay for this? I have Prem and I can fill out the Org form but doesn’t let me save?
    Confused? Any Ideas.

    • Edwin Toonen

      Hi Louis. Thanks for being a Premium customer! You should be able to fill in the organization details in the Yoast SEO Settings > Site representation > Additional organization info or Organization identifiers. After saving these, they should appear in the structured data for your site. If you are running into issues, please message our support team – they’re ready to help!

  2. Michael
    Michael  • 5 months ago

    dear yoast-team, thanks for your work. I think that it is currently very important for companies to show search engines that they are looking for employees or that they show themselves as an employer. Are interfaces and structured data planned here?

    • sabrina
      sabrina  • 5 months ago

      Hi Michael! Currently, we don’t have any concrete plans for that yet, however we will note your suggestion!
      Thanks for your feedback and support!

  3. Kingsley Felix
    Kingsley Felix  • 5 months ago

    Another update, and yet nothing has been done to easily identify cornerstone articles without scrolling throw hundreds of cornerstone titles to find it or editing the post to check