Yoast SEO 6.2: Passive voice checks for French and Spanish

Since launching the readability analysis way back when we’ve been steadily adding support for more and more languages. Today, with the release of Yoast SEO 6.2, we’re expanding our knowledge of languages again by introducing passive voice checks for the French and Spanish languages.

Improving language checks

At Yoast, we firmly believe that readability ranks. We’ve developed several tools to help you write awesome articles that please both readers and search engines. The readability analysis is one of our most popular tools. It checks whether your writing is up to scratch. The tool determines how readable your content is and suggests improvements to make sure everyone can enjoy your articles. We use our vast knowledge of languages to offer advice tailored to your situation and language used.

Currently, we can check texts in several languages. We offer full support for English and German, while Dutch, French, Italian and Spanish have varying degrees of support. We’re always looking to expand our knowledge of languages. In Yoast SEO 6.2, we’re growing our support for French and Spanish: we can now run a complete passive voice check in both languages.

Passive voice French and Spanish

You might know that using the passive voice often in your text makes it appear distant and your messages will become less apparent. Sentences become longer and more complicated. Readers have to think harder and longer about what you have to say. Our passive voice check keeps your passive voice in check. As of today, we’re doubling the number of languages we can check for passive voice. French (La voix passive) and Spanish (La voz pasiva) join English and German. More languages are on the way.

Transition words
Flesch reading ease   
Passive voice  
Sentence beginnings
Sentence length
Function words (for Internal linking and insights)

Security improvements, bugfixes & enhancements

In every release, we try to fix annoyances both big and small. By fixing these bugs, we make sure that Yoast SEO keeps running without fault. With every enhancement, we add we try to make it easier for you to use the plugin. One of the most significant improvements in Yoast SEO 6.2 is the hardening of our security. We’ve adopted several stricter code checks that enforce a more rigorous security policy. This means that our code is less prone to outside manipulation.

Thanks for using Yoast SEO

So there you have it. Yoast SEO 6.2 adds two new passive voice checks – French and Spanish – and several other improvements. So, if that’s your mother tongue or just a language you use regularly, you’ll be delighted with this new addition. Wondering what else is new? Check out the changelog on WordPress.org. Don’t forget to hit that update button!

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16 Responses to Yoast SEO 6.2: Passive voice checks for French and Spanish

  1. matlabprozhe
    matlabprozhe  • 6 years ago

    In my opinion, the 6th version of this plugin has much more functionality than the previous version, and that SEO results are easier to place on Google.

  2. Renan
    Renan  • 6 years ago

    Totally useless in French. This imposes unjustified writing constraints that limit the written expression

    • Edwin Toonen

      Hi Renan. We’re not constraining anyone. Our readability analysis merely suggests changes if you want to make your article easier to understand for people. Of course, if your goal is to write awesome literature you can do that. We’re not going to oppose that. There is, however, a reason we’re so keen on keeping passive voice in check: https://yoast.com/avoid-passive-voice/

  3. Roger
    Roger  • 6 years ago

    There’s just NO POINT in you guys coming up with these SEO terms ‘readability analysis’ and ‘readability ranks’ because your plugin is NOT showing this feature on the Text module of Elegant themes Divi – so these are all but Irrelevant in my case.
    I’m a Premium plugin user and your support tells me this issue can’t be resolved at present – what do I do now? Unsubscribe??

    • Edwin Toonen

      Hi Roger. We’re sorry to hear about your problems. We’re looking into this and will get back to you soon.

  4. Kamran Kamran
    Kamran Kamran  • 6 years ago

    its Awesome dude thank you for help’s us..

    • Edwin Toonen

      You’re welcome, Kamran!

  5. noorsplugin
    noorsplugin  • 6 years ago

    Glad to see support for French and Spanish

  6. appaspect
    appaspect  • 6 years ago

    This is best tools for SEO Activity in word press
    I love to use it Thank you

  7. Mike Wiseman
    Mike Wiseman  • 6 years ago

    I agree with the passive writing, a great tool to help with your writing style is Grammarly. The paid version is well worth the small monthly cost, it helps people like me who are terrible at writing!

    • Edwin Toonen

      Hi Mike. Yeah, Grammarly is a nice tool to improve your writing.

  8. Shams
    Shams  • 6 years ago

    Yes this works fine and now my meta description allows me to enter some more content.

  9. J Tontti
    J Tontti  • 6 years ago

    Passive voice check, wow! When the Finnish version will be ready?

    • Edwin Toonen

      Not sure, we’re currently looking at several languages.

  10. Geoff
    Geoff  • 6 years ago

    Love Yoast SEO and it’s great to have another new update….but have you fixed the problem where we can’t add pictures to our posts anymore?? Or maybe it’s just a WordPress problem…

    • Edwin Toonen

      Hi Geoff. Do you mean inside the post or inside the social preview? I haven’t heard of any issues regarding both. You can find solutions to the most common problems on https://yoast.com/help. If you’re a Premium subscriber you can always send our support team an email, they’re glad to help you.