Boost your organic visibility with structured data

Why you should join this workshop!

Studies indicate that ~80% of all searchers click on an organic search result (aka. not a paid ad) of the first 3 pages of Google. So, everyone that wants to grow traffic to their website should optimize their content for search engines. 

But… when you’re on that first (second or third) page, you want to be more visible than your competitors. You can do this with rich results; search results that show a lot of extra information like prices, reviews, images, FAQs, How-to’s, knowledge panels, and much more.

How? Really easily with the help of Yoast SEO. So start today and boost your organic visibility! 

What will you learn?

  • How structured data can get you rich results and improve organic visibility;
  • How to improve your chances of rich results;
  • How to add structured data (easily!) with Yoast SEO

And get your questions ready! In the end, there is a Q&A where you can ask everything to our experts. 

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  • Tuesday, December 7
  • 4 pm CET / 10 am EST
  • Duration: 30 minutes (including Q&A)

Jono Alderson

Jono is a digital strategist, marketing technologist, and full stack developer. He’s into technical SEO, emerging technologies, and brand strategy.

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