RSS Footer

This plugin has been succeeded by my new WordPress SEO plugin. The info below is still valid, but you’d better try the new plugin!

This very simple plugin lets you add an extra line of content to articles in your feed, defaulting to “Post from: ” and then a link back to your blog, with your blog’s name as it’s anchor text, which you can edit like this:
Image of rss footer options
To install, just download the plugin zip file, unzip it, upload the rss-footer.php file to your plugins folder and enable it.
You can then also choose to position the sentence before your content instead of the default: after.


Vladimir Petruj has been so kind to translate this plugin into Czech, you can read about that here.


How come my FeedBurner feed doesn’t immediately show the changes?
You should first try to ping FeedBurner, and see if that makes it show up in your feed. If it doesn’t, log in to your FeedBurner account, select the appropriate feed, and click on the “Troubleshootize” tab. Half way down the page you’ll find a “Resync” button, that should make the changes show up almost instantly.

Can I insert more than one line into the RSS footer?
You can throw an entire work of Shakespeare in there, should you want to. I wouldn’t recommend doing that though.