Webmaster tools

Once every so often, you find a new site with some nice website tools and tutorials. If you’re doing anything related to the web, you need tools, and you probably need web based ones as well, and this site offers some cool ones.

A lot of webmasters earn their money using ads, so Google AdSense Optimization isn’t something they do just for fun, in fact it’s very serious business. If you want to make money of your sites, AdSense can be a nice way. I’ve done that for a while until i found out my site was big enough to do some other things to earn money, but if I ever had to go back i wouldn’t regret it.

Now these guys from the Site Tool Center know that sometimes AdSense optimization can be dull, and setting yourself to doing it can be hard. So they wrote a nice thing to motivate you, a thing they call a Google AdSense Motivator, go give it a try!


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