Premium content: Love your users and the rest will follow

Today, we’ve got some exclusive, premium content in store for you! Usability and conversion optimization expert Els Aerts shared her knowledge of user research during her YoastCon 2019 talk. She explains that understanding your users and finding out what makes them tick, is crucial to driving growth. The focus isn’t just on why user research matters, but Els also shares cases where user research made all the difference.

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You’ll find an overview of the content below the video.

Els Aerts – Love your users and the rest will follow – Yoast Academy


0:00 – Introduction speaker
0.56 – SEO and CRO (conversion rate optimization) and a love they share: the user
2.18 – Why it’s so important to do (and to keep doing) user research
4.11 – How much research should you really do? – Just in time – Just enough
4.38 – Boring user research versus sexy A/B testing
5.32 – Research methods and tools
5.52 – Quantitative research and qualitative research – You need to do both
8.11 – Qualitative research can teach us something about empathy
12.30 – Let’s dive a little deeper into three qualitative user research methods
12.51 – #1 Targeted surveys (case study Carglass)
19.43 – #2 Interviews (case study Zembro)
24.24 – #3 In-person moderated user testing
27.35 – The most important things to get right to get valid insights from user testing
27.43 – #1 Recruit the right users
28.43 – #2 Write a good scenario
30.33 – #3 Be a kick-ass moderator
35.06 – Q&A session