Yoast SEO usage tracking

Yoast SEO (Free and Premium) and its addons have a usage tracking feature. When you run the First-time configuration in Yoast SEO we ask you to share some data with us so we can keep improving Yoast SEO. We would like to track a few bits of data, for different reasons, we outline them below. Our usage tracking runs once every few weeks, so we can keep this data about your site up to date.

Opt in / opt out

If you’re using Yoast SEO free, usage tracking is only on when you explicitly opt-in. When you install one of our add-ons or Yoast SEO Premium, we opt you in by default (you’ve bought our software, so we assume you trust us). You can, however, opt out, either in the Site basics settings (Yoast SEO > Settings > Site basics) or in the First-time configuration (Yoast SEO > General > First-time configuration).

The data we track in usage tracking

Basic site data

We track basic site data, like: which language is your site in, are you using multi-site or single site WordPress, how many users do you have. This helps us understand which types of sites we’re building software for and helps us determine our testing criteria.

Server data

We track which PHP version you use, what OS your site is running on and which extensions are available. This allows us to determine the minimum requirements for our plugin more easily. We do also track, if we’re able to, which web host you’re running on, to see which hosts we should be talking to in case we run into problems with particular hosts.

Plugin usage tracking

We track which options you use and how you use them (while anonymizing them, of course). This gives us insights into which features people use and what the most common settings are. This allows us to make better product decisions, because we know how you use our plugin.

Your other plugins and your theme

Our usage tracking tracks which other plugins you use and which theme you use. We try to test with the most commonly used plugins used by Yoast SEO users. To do that, we need to know which plugins are the most commonly used by our users, which is why this tracking is important to us.

Your privacy is important to us! For more information, please find our our Privacy Policy here.

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