How to activate Twitter Cards in Yoast SEO

Twitter Cards is a system used by Twitter. The Twitter card data feature in Yoast SEO allows for Twitter to display a preview with images and a text excerpt when a link to your site is shared. The feature is enabled by default and we suggest you keep it that way. If you want to check whether this feature is activated, follow the steps below. We’ll also show you where you can enter your Twitter profile.

In Yoast SEO Premium, you get full control of your Twitter (and Facebook) shares! There is no guesswork with the social preview feature. By seeing exactly what your posts look like when you share them, you get the chance to improve your social media presence.

How to activate Twitter card data in Yoast SEO

The Twitter card data feature in Yoast SEO is enabled by default. You can check that by going to Yoast SEO → Settings → General → Site features. Make sure to add the URL of your Twitter profile too, so the plugin can generate the appropriate card data.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.

    When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.

  2. Click on ‘Yoast SEO’.

    The Yoast SEO menu item is located in the WordPress admin menu, on the left side of the screen. If you click it, the menu will expand.

  3. Click the ‘Settings’ menu item.

    Screenshot of the settings menu item in Yoast SEO

  4. Click the ‘General’ menu item, and then ‘Site representation’.

    Screenshot showing the site representation menu item

  5. Add your Twitter profile if your site represents an organization

    This works differently for organizations and persons. If your site represents an organization, you can scroll down to the ‘Other profiles’ section. Here, you can add the URL of your Twitter profile.Screenshot showing the Twitter profile field in the Site representation settings of Yoast SEO

  6. Add your Twitter profile if your site represents a person

    If your site represents a person, you first need to select the user. The user profile of this user will now be used in the search results. Click the link below the dropdown menu to go to the WordPress user profile. On the profile page, scroll down to ‘Contact info’. Here, you can add the Twitter username of the person.
    Screenshot highlighting the Twitter username input field on the WordPress user profile page

  7. Click ‘Save changes’.

  8. Click the ‘Site features’ menu item in the General settings.

    Screenshot showing the site features menu item in the general settings of Yoast SEO

  9. Scroll down to the Twitter card data feature.

    If the feature is enabled, the toggle will show a check mark.
    Screenshot showing the twitter card data feature in Yoast SEO highlighting the toggle to enable or disable the feature

  10. If you make any changes, don’t forget to save your changes.

Using Twitter Cards in Yoast SEO

You can preview and edit your Twitter card data in the Twitter preview of the Yoast SEO sidebar or meta box. If you’re using Yoast SEO Premium, you will see an actual preview. We have a separate post about the Facebook and Twitter preview, if you want to learn more.

Note: Previews are available only in Yoast SEO Premium.
Screenshot showing the Twitter preview in Yoast SEO
The Twitter preview in the Yoast SEO sidebar

Yoast SEO automatically fills in the Twitter card with some of the information you add when optimizing your posts. For example, the SEO title, the meta description, or a featured image.

Want to learn more about Twitter Cards? Visit the Twitter developer page.

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