Error: No meta description has been specified.

No meta description has been specified. Search engines will display copy from the page instead.

A customized meta description has not been set for the post or page.

Why are meta descriptions important?

A meta description is a crucial part of your SEO. They are your business card in the search results and can help greatly improve the number of times people click on your search result in Google. If you’re not familiar with meta descriptions, take some time to find out what meta descriptions are and why they matter.


Yoast SEO allows you to set custom meta descriptions for each post or page.

  1. Edit the post or page.

  2. Click ‘Google preview’ in the Yoast SEO sidebar.

    A modal will open.
    Screenshot showing Google preview tab in the Yoast SEO sidebar

  3. Add or change the meta description

    Screenshot how to add meta description in Google preview

  4. Click ‘Update’ to save the published post or page.

    For unpublished content, you need to click ‘Save Draft’.

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