How Do I Change the WooCommerce Shop Page meta data?

You can change the title or meta description for your WooCommerce shop page directly in the Snippet Preview on the WooCommerce shop page. To change the breadcrumb title, please follow these steps.

  1. Log in to your WordPress website.

    When you’re logged in, you will be in your ‘Dashboard’.

  2. Click on ‘SEO’.

    On the left-hand side, you will see a menu. In that menu, click on ‘SEO’.

  3. Click on ‘Search Appearance’.

    The ‘SEO’ settings will expand providing you with additional options. Click on ‘Search Appearance’.

  4. Click on ‘Content Types’.

  5. Expand the ‘Product’s post type.

    Scroll to the ‘Products’ post type and expand the post type by clicking the arrow.

  6. Click the link to edit your shop page.

    Near the bottom of the box, you will see the heading ‘Settings for Products archive’. Click the link to edit your shop page.

  7. In the Yoast SEO snippet preview, click ‘Edit snippet’.

    Add or change the SEO title and meta description.

  8. Click ‘Update’.

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