Common MyYoast issues

MyYoast is the customer portal where you can find and manage all the Yoast SEO products you own. If you don’t have an account yet or want to know how it all works, this guide will get you started. Below you will find common questions or issues related to your MyYoast account.

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What is my account email?

The account email is the same email that you entered during checkout. If you do not remember your account email, please contact the support team with your order number or as much information as possible regarding your purchase.

How do I change my account email?

Please follow these steps to change your account email.

What is my account password?

Please follow these steps to set your password.

How do I change my account password?

Please follow these steps to change your password.

Why do I get this notification – Error: The email address you provided has already been used. Please try another email address.?

This error occurs during the sign-up process when the email is already associated with a MyYoast account.

If you don’t have a password yet, follow these steps to set your password.

If you have a password, please log in following these steps.

Why do I get this notification – Error: Incorrect credentials provided. Please check that your email and password are entered correctly.

This error occurs when the email address and/or password do not match our records. Please remove the email address and re-enter it double-checking that it is spelled correctly. Repeat for the password field.

Why can’t I log in even after I’ve tried everything that was suggested to me?

Please contact the support team with a screenshot of what you see, so we can better assist you.

What to do if I have multiple MyYoast accounts?

It could be that you ended up with multiple accounts, either because you used different email addresses during checkout*, or because something may have gone wrong on the technical side. If so, please contact support.

*If you have a My Yoast account, be sure to log in during checkout so your new purchase gets registered to the right account.

Why is a product I bought not listed in my account?

This could be because of having multiple accounts or because something else has gone wrong with either your payment or something technical on our end. In this case, please contact support.

How do I add, remove or change my site?

Go here to learn how to add, remove or change your site.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription in your MyYoast account. Learn more here.

Can I use Yoast products without a MyYoast account?

Yes, already installed products can still be used without a My Yoast account. However, our licensing is done by adding your site to your My Yoast account and activating the relevant plugins.

Additionally, any downloads for other products can only be found in your account and any premium plugins cannot be updated without a My Yoast account. Only Yoast SEO Free can still be used without a My Yoast account.

Can I give a course to someone else?

It is possible to purchase a course yourself and then enroll someone else as a student of that course. To do that, please follow the steps here.

How do I access the training course I purchased?

We explain how you can access your training course in this article.

Why does the plugin still ask for a license key?

To resolve this issue, please follow the steps listed here.

My question is not here.

Please contact support.

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