How to clear your browser’s cache

Internet browsers are trying to give you the best and smoothest experience on the web they possibly can. This is done in a lot of different, very smart ways you usually won’t notice. Caching pages and scripts is one of them.

What’s the problem?

However, that same mechanism that is making pages you visit (regularly) so blazing fast to load, can also cause trouble. Caching is basically ‘saving the current state a file, so it can be accessed really quickly later on’. Your browser caches a lot of images and scripts used on the websites you visit, to make sure that you get a smooth experience.

Usually when such an image or script is updated, the cached (saved) file is removed and the new version gets downloaded. Unfortunately, sometimes your browser doesn’t clear a cached version, and as a result doesn’t download the updated version of that file. This can cause all sorts of strange problems.

How to fix it?

Luckily, all browsers have an easy mechanism of forcing a refresh of the cached information for a certain website.

My browser is not listed above?

If your browser is not listed above, you could check out this page about clearing cookies in different browsers. You could also consult your browser’s help file for information on clearing cache and cookies. Alternatively, you can try Refresh Your Cache or search in Google for how to clear cache and cookies in [browser_name].

I cleared the browser’s cache, now what?

Your browser should now have downloaded the latest version of all the files, potentially solving quite a few issues.

If there are still things you need help with, please contact us through the appropriate channels.

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