Killer Performance Tips from the Expert

My business & podcast partner Frederick Townes, who also happens to be the CTO @, has finally finished a long awaited (by me at least) post covering lots of the performance tips he’s applied at Mashable (I hope you’ve seen their awesome redesign) and in other projects to make the sites faster despite having lots of widgets etc.

His tips in particular are useful for optimizing the performance of social media buttons and ads etc, but keep in mind there are lots of aspects of WordPress to optimize, like SEOdatabase performance and more.

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2 Responses

  1. TimBy Tim on 8 February, 2011

    I’m still fairly green when it comes to SEO and WordPress. I’ve learned a ton, but there is so much more to learn. I started using Yoast T W recently on a new site. I’ve used 2 others and like your’s a lot better. There is so much tweaking to do that I don’t know how to do, or if I even should do. This plugin is probably for folks with more experience then me, but I figure this is how u learn. Anything (resources) you recommend would be appreciated. I signed up for the news letter and will go thru this site. I really like the plugin as is, I’m just looking to take full advantage of it.

  2. TimBy Tim on 4 March, 2011

    I think HostGator has the same issue. My WP stuff can load so slow at times (most of the time) while other stuff can be loading fine. I’m thinking of switching to someone else, but who?