Coming soon: A training course on ecommerce SEO!

If you have an online store, you want to be found in the search engines, right? This has become even more important since lots of store owners have gone online in the past year and your competition has only grown! Fortunately, you can increase online visibility and sales with a kickass ecommerce SEO strategy. But where to start? To help you figure out what to work on, we’re launching a training course that’s all about just that: Ecommerce SEO. This course gives you practical tips and tricks to work on this yourself. You’ll have your site up in those Search Results Pages in no time!

Why you should care about ecommerce SEO

SEO is the practice of optimizing your web pages to make them reach a higher position in Google’s (or any search engine’s) search results. Ecommerce SEO is essentially the same thing, except that it is focused on online stores. And to be honest, if you have an online store, ecommerce SEO should be part of your marketing efforts.

Why? Because ecommerce SEO helps you climb the search results and get more visitors to your site. It increases your visibility online and helps you turn site visitors into customers that have a great experience on your website. By optimizing your product pages, creating a clear site structure that helps people navigate your site and making sure that your pages are found on the right searches. But it doesn’t stop there. You also need to work on branding and online interaction with your customers. Who knows, maybe even start a blog to get more people to your site.

The important thing to remember is that ecommerce SEO consists of different elements that help you optimize your pages. And yes, this takes quite some time and effort. But trust us, it will be worth it. Because ecommerce SEO can boost your business and help you build lasting relationships with customers that will keep coming back to your shop.

What will you learn in this course?

In our upcoming Ecommerce SEO training course, you will learn more about:

  • What ecommerce SEO is and how to get started;
  • structured data and why it’s important to add this to your online store;
  • how to work on your site speed and mobile SEO;
  • site structure and the role it plays in ecommerce SEO;
  • the elements that are part of a well-optimized product page;
  • marketing your store.

As you can see, we discuss a lot in this training course. And all of it can help you optimize your website and online presence to attract more potential customers to your store. With this training course, you can master ecommerce SEO and get the best out of your website!

Get a sneak peek with this short video

To give you an idea of what our course will look like, we have a sneak peek in the form of one of the course videos. Check it out to get an idea of what you will learn in our Ecommerce SEO training course:

How to get access to the Ecommerce SEO training course

Our new training course will be released next week and is part of our Premium academy subscription. This subscription gives you access to all of our SEO courses and the Yoast SEO Premium plugin (for only $99 a year)! When you’re subscribed, this course and every new course we launch is automatically added to your Yoast SEO academy courses overview.

Don’t have Yoast SEO Premium yet? This plugin helps you increase your rankings and get more visitors to your website. And if you go premium now, you’ll get access to our new Ecommerce SEO course when it’s launched right away.

Our Ecommerce SEO training course is out now. Check it out!

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Or are you a user of the WooCommerce SEO plugin?

Because this course is all about ecommerce, it’s a perfect match with our Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin. That’s why we’re also making this course available for the users of this plugin. If you’re already using this plugin,  you’ll find this new course in your courses overview when it’s launched. If you’d like to know more about this plugin that makes your products stand out in the search results, check out the Yoast WooCommerce SEO plugin now!

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5 Responses to Coming soon: A training course on ecommerce SEO!

  1. Marius
    Marius  • 2 years ago

    great timing, just started a new project with a shop. and after having amazing success with the Yoast wordpress plugin, it can only be a sign. looking forward to it.

  2. Indu
    Indu  • 2 years ago

    I would love to join the program. Yoast is really doing great. I’m using Yoast for the past 4 years, and truly it is just LOVE!
    Keep sharing the useful info. All the very best to Team Yoast :)

    • Amy Lees
      Amy Lees  • 2 years ago

      Thank you Indu! Everyone is welcome to follow our Yoast SEO academy trainings (there are lots more besides ecommerce). We hope to see you sign up soon!

  3. Yogesh
    Yogesh  • 2 years ago

    Amazing to see the course on ecom SEO, it’s a wow moment for all the bloggers and ecom biz people. Yoast always push it hard to make SEO a YO-YO !!! Thanks Yoast one more time.

    • Amy Lees
      Amy Lees  • 2 years ago

      Thanks Yogesh!