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Ask Yoast Using a TLD as part of your brand?

Branding plays a vital role in the success of your business. We’ve written about branding several times on this site, for instance, the 5 tips on branding and Low-budget branding for small businesses articles. Your domain name should also be a part of your brand. But should you buy one of those fancy new TLDs like .amsterdam or .guru to enhance your branding? Watch Joost answer a reader’s question about this.

Andrew emailed us this question:

“Now that there is a wide range of top level domain name options, is it possible to use the TLD as part of your brand? I have a site which focuses on Oakland tourism and would be cool. Or should I just go for something like”

Watch the video or read the transcript further down the page for my answer!

Can you use a TLD as part of your brand?

“Well yes, of course. We sometimes use instead of just Yoast, because Yoast is actually a last name in the US as well. So, you can definitely do that. You could use .tourism or .land; there are so many options out there. Of course, you can use these in your branding. In fact, I’d encourage that.

But you have to keep in mind that not everyone might realize that they are looking at a domain name. Let’s take Would everybody in your target audience realize that’s a domain name? Most people that are slightly older might not realize that’s something they can type in. At that point, it would be a good idea to add www or http:// in the branding when you put it on a poster or show it somewhere so people realize they can type in Ok, good luck!”

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10 Responses to Ask Yoast: Using a TLD as part of your brand?

  1. WWE Hindi
    WWE Hindi  • 1 year ago

    Thanks for telling me this type guide and I hope it will work best for me.

  2. zeb
    zeb  • 1 year ago

    Thanks for sharing. Probably this might help all type of brands to improve their brand presence online.

  3. Matthew Fulton
    Matthew Fulton  • 1 year ago

    Right after the .business TLD came out I grabbed for our company website because I thought it would be better for SEO and be cool at the same time. What I did not take into consideration was who else would accept the domain as well. For example, how often do you use your email address when signing up for something? There were so many different companies that did not see the TLD as a valid email address that I had to resort back to my old email domain. Additionally, with a domain like .business everyone always thinks I mean .biz

    Now on the flip side, almost 2 years later, most of those issues are gone or rarely affect us anymore, and finally I get to be the cool kid with a cool domain extension, not to mention its much shorter than

    I do have a question about TLD’s very soon they will be releasing the .inc domains and I really want to grab to match with our Social media handle parkwayinc. We use the same social media handle across all platforms, any suggestion oh how I could reserve it?

    BTW.. Thank you Yoast for everything you taught me along the way about SEO! I am an accountant by trade, but thanks to you, I am able to maintain my own website for now!

    • Edwin Toonen
      Edwin Toonen  • 1 year ago

      Thanks so much, Matthew! Our mission is SEO for everyone and we mean it ;)

  4. download
    download  • 1 year ago

    nice share…
    TLD is good for branding quite alright but using .com, .org, .net can we the very best for your website…IMO

  5. Nick Valentino
    Nick Valentino  • 1 year ago

    As a domain name registrar that supports new gTLDs, we’d considered many different SLDs & TLDs when rebranding from NICKED.NET. Ultimately, we chose a TLD that, when combined with our SLD, was meaningful. While our logo is “names+”, the company name is always written as “”.

  6. neoweezy
    neoweezy  • 1 year ago

    Thats nice development. My domain HiphopAfrica has .co as it’s TLD and am ok with that.

  7. carmenb14
    carmenb14  • 1 year ago

    Thank you for your article, is very interesting for my brand. I’m thinking about introducing the TLD on the domain… Best regards from Spain

  8. David John
    David John  • 1 year ago

    I agree these domains can hep with branding but they are not common and might not look like a domain for some. Also, most registrars’s first year prices of such tlds ( .travel, .website …) is quite cheap but renewal prices are quite expensive.

    • Edwin Toonen
      Edwin Toonen  • 1 year ago

      You’re right, David. You should look at cost/benefit factors as well. Is it worth it?

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